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Ivor Johnstone
Entry #694 posted on 10.07.2016, 00:35
Location: Castle Donington, UK
Unit: 7 Flight AAC
I could have sworn I was in Berlin from 1972 to 1974, serving with 7 Flight Army Air Corps. It looks as if I was wrong, so I didn't fly my helicopter inside the Deutschlandhalle at the Berlin Tattoo.
Entry posted on 12.07.2016, 13:51:
Of course the information listed on this site is neither 100% correct nor complete.
doug hare
Entry #693 posted on 15.06.2016, 00:22
Location: south africa
Unit: n/a
stayed end of august 1981.with Greenheads cricket team from Tonbridge and Charterhouse.i was guest of side.had just srrived in Uk on cricket tour and wrnt along on bank holiday wkd
Entry #692 posted on 11.06.2016, 16:48
Location: Kingsport Tn
Unit: Co B USASA Field Station Berlin
Arrived in Berlin Thanksgiving Day 1973. Stayed til April 1976. Best duty in the world. Worked at ASA intercept station on T-Berg
John Foy
Entry #691 posted on 16.05.2016, 08:31
Location: Manchester
Unit: 2RRF
just come across this website whilst looking for pics of the Berlin Half Marathon 1982, if anyone has any pics can you please get back to me..

Kinf regards

John Foy
Gerry Chandler
Entry #690 posted on 17.03.2016, 01:32
Location: Evercreech, Somerset, England
Unit: 3rd Battalion The Royal Greenjackets
Served 1975-77 at Wavell Barracks with 3RGJ. Loved it so much when I left the Army I went back and worked at the ICP Spandau as a programmer. Back in 1976 I was head over heels in love with the gorgeous Birgit from Flensburg. Sadly that didn't work out; I came back to the UK, married my gorgeous wife, we had four children and celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary last year. Those have been happy years of course, but the years I spent in Berlin also hold a very special place in my heart :-)
Joseph Martinez
Entry #689 posted on 02.02.2016, 21:07
Location: Honolulu
Unit: B Co. 6/502 INF
Berlin was the best tour of duty for me. Too bad it got deactivated in 94. Tried to re-enlist for PDS and was told that the Brigade was going away. I was assigned to Bravo Company, 6th BN, 502nd INF from 1991-1993. Deployed in support of Operation Provide Comfort II based near Silopi Turkey.
Adele Winter (now Spain)
Entry #688 posted on 13.01.2016, 23:39
Location: Poole, Dorset
Unit: 247 (Berlin) Pro Coy RMP
Worked as a civilian in QM stores (for SSgt Colin Shaw) from 1976-1978 while husband served with the Green Howards at Montgomery Barracks. Lived on Heerstrasse. Loved every minute of my time in Berlin - worked with some great people - brilliant memories. In 2014 went back for a short visit for the first time - why did I leave it so long!!
Clifford S.(steve) Cox
Entry #687 posted on 11.01.2016, 07:36
Location: Cisco Texas
Unit: CSC 4/6
I was in Berlin from 11/1973 to 02/1977 I was when CSC 4/6 running patrol around the wall and into East Berlin. was the best time I had in my 30 year military careen. :D
Larry Bezemer
Entry #686 posted on 11.12.2015, 16:10
Location: Stockton, CA/Boise, ID
Unit: B 4/6
Was with B 4/6 from 74-76 as grunt and unit armorer. . Returned Sept 2012 and again Oct 2015. Visited McNair this year and my room was expanded and is a cafeteria for a school! The arms room is now an office. Still a great place!
Anyone have photos of the McNair back gate Curry Stand.
James Springer
Entry #685 posted on 10.11.2015, 06:58
Location: Leland,MISSISSIPPI
Unit: HHC 3/6 MCnair barracks
I served In Berlin from 1970/ 1973. HHC3/6 commo PLT.
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