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Tom Krueger
Entry #604 posted on 24.06.2012, 23:41
Location: Kronobergs Län, Sweden
Unit: NO
hi i´m looking for a brit soldier who served in Berlin Jan/Feb 1949, he fall in love with a girl Hilde, Hilda or similar. 17-18 yrs old.girls father teacher,1949 POW?girl lived near churchyard Schmargendorf.I was born Nov5 1949 in cath Gertraudenhospital paretzerstr wilmersdorf. father unknown, mother unmarried. girl was civ employee at brit hq in Berlin (Fehrbelliner Pl,Hanns-Braun-Str).i do hope someone has remember a brit-german couple as describe. pls help me. [EMAIL][/EMAIL]
Entry #603 posted on 19.06.2012, 15:18
Location: Wisconsin
Could anyone tell me the address where the Berlin Signal Corp barracks where located? Thank you!
Eric Smith
Entry #602 posted on 15.06.2012, 17:57
Location: Ormskirk, Lancs
Unit: Border Regiment
Hi Everyone, I was in Wavell Barracks in 1958/9 in B Coy. I did Guard Duties on Spandau Prison, also Train Guard, and I remember Ossies Bar very well,and the Sunday visit into East Berlin. The memories will never fade. Good Luck to you all.
Mike & Glenda Quintero
Entry #601 posted on 11.06.2012, 01:37
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Unit: 690 ESW
Served in Berlin from 1986 to 1990 with the 690 ESW and Glenda was with the 7350 ABG. We met while serving in Berlin and we married in Nov 1987. We both still agree that TCA was without a doubt the best assignment ever for both of us and we hope to return for a visit soon. smile
Entry #600 posted on 28.05.2012, 12:55
Location: Königslutter Germany
Unit: 225 Signals
I was stationed in langeleben. I Am trying to find a British
soldier stationed in Helmstedt 1948. Name Bill Clemson
Stuart Greenwood
Entry #599 posted on 08.05.2012, 13:30
Location: United Kingdom
Unit: Spandau School
I was Head of Spandau School from 1978-84...also captain of Stadium RFC and member of Berlin Hash House Harriers.

For any old Stadium players there is a Stadium RFC Facebook page.

Off to Berlin to ride the Military Train tomorrow.
Andy Clarke
Entry #598 posted on 04.05.2012, 03:25
Location: Milton Keynes
Unit: 3 Int & Sy Coy, Int Corps
In 2006 I asked you to add 3 Intelligence and Security Company (3 Int & Sy Coy), of the Intelligence Corps to the list of British Army units that made up Berlin Infantry Brigade.
You've never done it. Can you please add this unit to the list of British Army units as it was there pretty much from the formation of the Brigade to the end in 1994, and was based in Stadium Barracks.
I served there from 1991 to 1993 and they were the best two years of my life. Great times.
Brian Johnson
Entry #597 posted on 29.04.2012, 14:53
Location: Barnsley UK
Unit: 4th Royal Tank Regiment
Was in Smuts Barracks 1960 to 65 with C sqdn and Independant sqdn Was out on border in tank when wall went up,quite an experiance.Great posting my daughter was born in BMH, she visited in Feb this year and saw the apartment we live in then on Scottweg and she brought me some Schultheiss back.Many happy memories.
Steve (Geordie) Peel
Entry #596 posted on 26.04.2012, 11:14
Location: Newbiggin by the Sea. Northumberland
Unit: 229 Signal Sqaudron
big grin
Service 1969 -1978, was in 229 Signal Squadron 71 - 73, probably the best posting ever, met some great friends there . started off in Radio Troop, did some relief work on Military train, then SDS, changed trades and went to MT section and ended up CSO Driver op to Col Jack Findlater,
Knocked about with Titch Fuller from Bedlington and many others, Met up with Pete Ferns at R Sigs reunion Blandford a couple of years ago along with titch and Sid Wilson.
Mack Cunningham
Entry #595 posted on 19.04.2012, 03:17
Location: Hendersonville NC
Unit: Det 3, 7350th
Looking for members of Det 3 @ Templehof early 70s
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