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Remy Petry
Entry #584 posted on 15.02.2012, 11:30
Location: FRANCE
I was in berlin in 1975 at the allied staff comcen and my sargent was Arthur Siles and later sgt franck.I remember also cpt O Toole sp4 Mac Donald Polak lcpl Dave thomas us col Appleton sgt major Diaz Matos chiefs of staff were col HERBERT H RAY and then col JOHN L INSANI.The french were col Pigeot adc Galy . I have some photos from my duty at ASB i will try to sent them . SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH That was 36 year ago
David Lunn
Entry #583 posted on 17.01.2012, 00:04
Location: Oxfordshire
Unit: 229 Signal Squadron (Berlin)
Posted to Berlin 1966 - 69 and 1978. Worked in Comcen and was heavily involved in the Soviet plane saga. Ran the brigade canoe club & squadron x-country team. By far the best tour I ever had & managed to meet my future wife there! smile
Kim McArthur
Entry #582 posted on 12.01.2012, 17:41
Location: Highlands, Scotland
Unit: 3rd Battalion Royal Green Jackets
Dad was stationes at Wavell Barracks with 3rd battalion Green Jackets in 1975-77, I think we lived at Leubnitzer weg, any memories are pretty vague, I was 5/6 years old, dad was Clive (Mac) McArthur.

Gerry Dickson
Entry #581 posted on 13.12.2011, 15:20
Location: Scottish Borders
Unit: 38 Berlin Fld Sqdrn
Rodger Shantz I remember you well I was in the MT troop you went to Canda on leave and promply sold the return half of your airline ticket you were broke for a long time.
Jill Jones
Entry #580 posted on 09.12.2011, 15:58
Location: London
Unit: HQ Berlin
Message to Geoff Webb. I was in Berlin same time as you and must have known you, I am in touch with Ann Pevalin and her sister and also June Rodhouse. I would also like to hear from Shirley,I did keep in touch with her for a long time but have lost her address now. Berlin was such a good posting. Happy Christmas to you and all. Jill.
peter ferns
Entry #579 posted on 02.12.2011, 03:54
Location: hythe, kent
Unit: 229 signal squadron
I served with 229 Sig Sqn from Oct 73 to Jan 76. Berlin was the best posting of my army life (64 -77) and it was where I met my wife, Frances Bullard Ferns, who worked for 229 as a civilian clerk. My boss was Major Gavin McKay, a great officer. I went back to Berlin in February 2011 and it was even more beautiful than ever. A fantastic city and, in my opinion, one of the finest in the world. If anyone who remembers me, reads this, please write -would be great to exchange items.
Larry Chiles
Entry #578 posted on 21.11.2011, 06:18
Location: Mentor Ohio
Unit: 287th M.P. CO.
To all I just returned from Berlin.I left in66.and went back in 71 so my wifes parnets could see there grandchildren.If you havn't been back since you left try and go back because it has all changed.We as allies did a great thing and we can all be very proud.
Graham Dix
Entry #577 posted on 11.11.2011, 16:01
Location: Norfolk England
Unit: REME
I was stationed at Montgomory Barracks 81-83 with the LAD supporting the 1KORB. By far the best chapter in my career. Would love to get in touch again with anyone whe remembers me. smile
Paul (Benny) Bennett
Entry #576 posted on 01.11.2011, 18:42
Location: England
Unit: 26SU/T'berg RAF Police
I served between 1983-87 at T'berg and 26SU 4H.

Fond memories of the American MPs (Red Eye introduction) and the joint T'berg USMP and RAF Police BBQs and Picinics.

The friends that I made at H4 RAF Gatow and T'Berg were many.
I remember Fraser (USMP)from T'berg and the invites between our families.

If I missed anyone sorry (Retired now and the the old grey matter kicking in).

Never can bring those days back.

As I said,

mark Gowan
Entry #575 posted on 22.10.2011, 06:51
Location: California
Unit: 1946CS and 7350 ABG 1989-93
Anyone still out there? Master sgt ray evert, Maj belford, Sgt Tomlin,cmsgt Karboskie? Doug arbo! Airman tufts? Nunlal nairain.....anybody? What in the hell is up? And how you doing'?
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