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Eugene R. Valle
Entry #574 posted on 22.10.2011, 06:25
Location: Houston Texas
Unit: Berlin Bde, USCOB-ASB comcen
Had duty at USCO/ASB comcen from 1964 to 1966 where I had the pleasure of working alongside our British and French allies.My first duty assigment as an Army draftee and I really enjoyed my time there in Berlin.I was very fortunate to have been assigned to Berlin as a draftee. Fond memories and wonder if the name Alec Dunbar,Cpl,British is familiar with anyone. We both worked in the comcen there at ASB and would be great if I could come in contact with him after all these years.
John Taylor
Entry #573 posted on 20.10.2011, 21:44
Location: SC, USA
Unit: CSC 5th bat
85-88, what wonderful times. Always appreciate hearing from old friends.
Entry #572 posted on 18.10.2011, 09:05
Location: Los Angeles, California
Unit: B-4-18 later B-4-6
Berlin Brigade proud to have belong to this unit. It's ashame McNair Barracks is being destroyed,But people and places change. Even us Veterans getting older. But I remember how it was in 1972 and 1973. Great place, and People. Three cheers for the Whitehorse.................
Bill Addison
Entry #571 posted on 08.10.2011, 22:01
Location: Scotland
Unit: 62 Tpt @ Mov Sqn Rct
Hello there Ferg how you doing ma man, nice to see you on here after all these years.:-)
I can remember Les Ritchings and his Wife Hazell also Pete Lock who was the GOCs driver, and also Petes Brother Martin
all of whom i lived beside at Ahorn Allee.. there is a facebook page for 62 Sqn on Facebook if anyone wants to catch up.. keep on Trogging
Joe Jameson
Entry #570 posted on 22.09.2011, 04:56
Location: stockton, ca
Unit: 7350th sps
i was at templehof from 82-84 as a cop. it was a great time. .im looking for barney gulhehimer, manfredvon bork, and bobby jack among others.
Entry #569 posted on 04.09.2011, 10:52
Location: SCOTLAND
big grin
Hi BOB DEMPSTER delighed to see you on this page. I am back in touch with quite a few on the old gang from Berlin days including Nick Redgewell and would love to hear from you. I see you have put your location as Scotland. I live in the far North of Scotland now. Look forward to hearing from you pal. If you just send a one line message to [EMAIL]MOWATANNE@HOTMAIL.COM[/EMAIL] I will get in touch soonest. Take good care
Entry #568 posted on 01.09.2011, 08:29
Location: SCOTLAND
big grin
Hi BOB DEMPSTER, Delighted to see your post on this page and would love to hear from you. In touch with many others including Nick Redgewell from Berlin days. Such beautiful memories, but more importantly so, everlasting friendships made whilst serving in Berlin. Hope to hear from you soon. ANNE MOWAT NEE ONSLOW
James Wright
Entry #567 posted on 21.08.2011, 07:10
Location: Roswell, Ga
Unit: C Battery 94th Artillery
I served in Berlin from March of 1965 to Sept 1967 in C Battery 94th Artillery...great memories with great buddies that I haven't seen since...Half the time I was with the Tracks...then cross trained into food service...was a cook the rest of the time...
Nick Redgwell
Entry #566 posted on 02.08.2011, 19:31
Location: gibraltar
Unit: ASB
Hi Bob Dempster, I'm sure that we met - can you remember me? Still in contact with Anne - I remember Bob Stach, Gaston Cyr, Perry White to name a few. Best wishes to you.
Dr. Christian H. Freitag
Entry #565 posted on 24.07.2011, 15:22
Location: Germany
Unit: 14 Indep PCLU
I worked at BMH Berlin as a civilian (14 Indep PCLU) during 1969 and 1970. Administrative Officer in those days was Major D.P. Bullough, RAMC.
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