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Ruth VanDYke
Entry #554 posted on 23.04.2011, 19:47
Location: Tampa Fl
Unit: ASA School and Center Ft. Devens MA
Would like Wesley from 280th ASA, to contact me about his time at Templehof with ASA. I was ASA in the early 70's, Russian Linguist and crypto type. Wesley if you see this posting, please send me an email: [EMAIL][/EMAIL] and I will get back to you. I am working on a project and would appreciate it if you could share some of your memories of how Templehof worked then and what sort of things detachment did there. Hope to hear from you. ruth
Allan Best
Entry #553 posted on 12.04.2011, 20:40
Location: lancashire,england
Unit: 338 Construction Squadron RE
Hi Rod,
I was on the big parade in Berlin.Quite enjoyed it.Some proper marching about and such like after years of grafting.
I was in the front rank centre column.

Roderick Sear
Entry #552 posted on 09.04.2011, 15:47
Location: United States
Unit: 338 Construction Squadron RE
Hi Allan

I was not in the parade at the Olympic Stadium, but must have been a spectator as I have unearthed some shots I took of the event. Were you marching in it? Also found a print of the flaktower with scaffolding around it.
I too visited Spandau a few years ago and could not recognize the place. What a transformation!


Allan Best
Entry #551 posted on 04.04.2011, 17:43
Location: Lancashire,UK
Unit: 338Cconstruction Squadron,RE
Back again Rod,
We must have been in Spandau at the same time.I arrived in February 48,you left in June 48.
I arrived by train,first leave by bus,next leave by plane(a Dakota?)
Did you take part in the King's birthday Parade 1948?
I visited Berlin about ten years ago.No one knew of the bunker but the zoo looked much the same and the Tiegarten was fully restored.(remember the headless statues?)
frederick flanagan
Entry #550 posted on 01.04.2011, 18:52
Location: manchester
Unit: reme
I served with the reme at Alexander brks 52/54. The riots
took place in 53. England B team played in the stadium.
Visited all unit sites with equipment inspection teams.
Have searched in vain for fellow reme/rasc/raoc. Without
Entry #549 posted on 29.03.2011, 00:10
Location: Pennsylvania
Unit: 279th Station Hospital
I served in Berlin during 1945 and 1946.

I have hundreds of photos that I need help on the identification.

Started in Abergavenny Wales in Jan 1944

We have a web site and need help with the identification of the nurses.

Carl McDaniel

279th U.S.Station Hospital
Geoff Webb
Entry #548 posted on 27.03.2011, 05:35
Location: UK
Unit: HQ Berlin (British Sector)
Served in Berlin (British Sector) 1960 - 62 when The Wall went up. Great time although not without a little uncertainty. It would be great to hear from former friends, German and British, including Dave Bennett, Shirley Luker, Ann Pevalin, Cedric Knaggs, Jim Smart.
roderick sear
Entry #547 posted on 23.03.2011, 00:56
Location: United States
Unit: 338 Construction Squadron RE
Hi Allan,

There was a similar confrontation with the Russians while I was there. Stevens was dispatched to prevent (or probably start) WW3. It stands out in my memory since I was next in line to replace Stevens at the confrontation. When he came back, with the panic over, he said that one of the Reds were playing a balalaika.
Berlin truly was a great posting with its siege atmosphere.

Allan Best
Entry #546 posted on 18.03.2011, 11:41
Location: lancashire,UK
Unit: 338 Construction Squadron RE
Hi Rod,
I was demobbed in March 1949,so no overlap."Randy" Stevens
was still 2i/c.On one of the "flaps"he came to arm the landmines on a bridge that three of us were defending against the might of the Red Army.He was somewhat worse for wear and we feared for our own safety.
After the bunker went down I was transferred for my final three months to Base Workshops in Hannover.I hated that place .After Berlin it was a total bore.
Rod Sear
Entry #545 posted on 17.03.2011, 19:22
Location: United States
Unit: 338 Construction Squadron RE
Allan Best.

It seems that we did not overlap. I left for demob at the end of June 1948, just after the land connections to Berlin were cut, and so had to fly out of Gatow.
While I was there, I believe the lieutenant in charge of the flaktower demolition troop was named Stevens? Or is my memory failing me here?

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