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Mick Mortimer
Entry #534 posted on 30.01.2011, 01:57
Unit: 38 Berlin Fld Sqn RE
I was in Berlin 1966 - 1968 and I went back 3 years ago for the first time since 1968 but I still feel that special link with Berlin.
Larry Chiles
Entry #533 posted on 29.01.2011, 05:04
Location: Mentor Ohio
Unit: 287th M.P.Co.
I really enjoy this site I was in Berlin from 63-66 and I have a few questions.Every night I listen to Radio Luxenbourg and it bring back a lot of memories of those great year that I spend in Berlin.I've talked to a lot of the Berlin Brigade Vets and I get the feeling that we all feel like we are Berliner's.So I was wondering if the British feel like this or are the American the crazy one. LOL
Lewis Saunders
Entry #532 posted on 11.01.2011, 06:18
Location: New York City
Unit: 3/6 Inf (Drill Team)
Hello fellow McNair Barrick soldiers.
My name is Lewis Saunders. I was assigned to the Berlin bragade from 1977-1983. I was on the drill team during the entire time. My drill master was SFC dee-dee.... And then SFC Diggs. Berlin is my life. I just return after 24 years. Wow what a change. McNair is now apartments. The motor pool across the street is a Huge home depot like area. But girl watchers corner is still there. If anyone have pictures of the team during that time frame, please email me.
Armand (Lee) LeFort
Entry #531 posted on 08.01.2011, 05:05
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Unit: Allied Staff Berlin
Served with Allied Staff Berlin (ASB) at the Olympic Stadium from Jun 68-Jun 71. ASB was a sub-element of USCOB. Had a great time in Berlin and took the time to learn German while attending night classes at Ft McNair. After 31 years in the U. S. Army, my only tour in all of Germany was this one in Berlin.
james delong
Entry #530 posted on 06.01.2011, 01:46
Location: muscatine iowa
Unit: C 94 TH FA
looking for some good friends from the 94th FA and looking for Tony Bishop
Gordon Skinner
Entry #529 posted on 31.12.2010, 16:18
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Unit: 229 Signal Squadron
Was in Berlin 78-80, AKA Skratch.
Served in the Brigade Commcen, ASB, Helmstedt.

Enjoyed it a lot, so much that Germany didn't hold much attraction after that for a fair few years, (went back to NI for 4 years)

Played football for the Irish Pub, can't remember if we won many games, but we certainly won the drinking afterwards. smile smile
Nick Redgwell
Entry #528 posted on 24.12.2010, 19:51
Location: Spain
Unit: Allied Staff Berlin
For Anne Mowat -Sent you a message keep in touch. Hello to anyone from Berlin who knows me, served in Allied Staff 1979-81- Merry Xmas!!
Mick Robinson
Entry #527 posted on 22.12.2010, 18:21
Location: Bamburgh Northumberland UK
Unit: 26 su
Was in Berlin 73 - 74 and then 77 - 82. Best posting had during my service. Demobbed in 1980 and stayed on until 82. Great times
Brian Thomas
Entry #526 posted on 17.12.2010, 12:43
Location: Germany
Unit: My Father was there in 1958
Hi All
Looking for any Military plaques or collectables from any British army unit who were in Berlin
Thanks Brian
Entry #525 posted on 15.12.2010, 19:29
Location: Thurso, Scotland
Unit: Allied Staff Berlin
big grin
I know I have posted this before, but with xmas coming up I thought I would try again. Would Nick Redgewell Ex ASB please drop your new e mail address. With many thanks. Annie Mowat nee Onslow
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