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Tom Krueger
Entry #524 posted on 14.11.2010, 06:43
Location: Alvesta, KronoLän,Sweden
Unit: no
who can helpe? i´m looking for a british soldier who served in Berlin 1948-49, he fall in love with a german girl, her name was Hilde or Hilda or similar..
the girl was a typist in Hanns-Braun-Strasse in Charlottenburg near olympic stadium until 19654. In 1949, November, the girl was in the hospital "Gertraudenkrankenhaus" in 12Paretzer Str, Wilmersdorf for 1-2 weeks. The girl was born in March 1930 or 31 in Berlin. If You have any informations about this situation pls contact me! thanks Tom
David Mears
Entry #523 posted on 14.11.2010, 03:59
Location: UK
Unit: 62 Coy RASC / RCT
I was in Berlin 65-66 at Alexander Barracks Spandau with 62 Coy RASC/RCT,during that time was the change over from RASC to RCT and the Queens visit to Berlin both in 1965.
Mark Pennington
Entry #522 posted on 12.11.2010, 18:33
Location: Currently in Germany
Unit: Dad in 229 Signal Sqn.
@ Derrick Forrow - We were in the Scouts together in Berlin in the 1970s. My email Please get in touch.
Hazel Richings (McGregor)
Entry #521 posted on 04.11.2010, 15:26
Location: Beverley E Yorkshire
Great site thanks - seen familiar names!
It's still THE place to be after 32 years. Les and I walked miles and took S-Bahn and bus round the city we love. It's so easy I recommend to anyone that you get a map and go back. Ahh, Schultheiss smile
TREPTOW Park, Spree boat trip, walked the Ku'damm, down to Frankies Curry Station and watched Hertha play in the Olympic Stadium (on my horizon from Mar 78 - 81)In touch with about 30 pals and Brixmis association too. blue
Alan Leitch
Entry #520 posted on 24.10.2010, 19:09
Location: UK
Unit: Border Regiment
I served in the Border Regiment in Wavell Baracks, Spandau in 1958 in the Corps of Drums
I remember well the times spent in the NAFFE,The Cafe Staphani and Ozzies Bar. Did anyone do a guard at the GOCc residence, Villa Lemm on the banks of the River Havel
The only time we did a Guard duty wearing Plimsolls
because are Ammo boots made to much noise.
I would do it all over again for the great times and the mates I made for life.
mike mcmullen
Entry #519 posted on 22.10.2010, 11:38
Location: ft. worth, tx
Unit: 1946 comm. sqdn.
john prince do you remember nelson hopkins usaf at teufelsberg? he worked tropospheric scatter. just curious as i was good friends with he and his wife while stationed at templehof 74-76 usaf.
mike mcmullen
Entry #518 posted on 22.10.2010, 11:25
Location: ft. worth, tx
Unit: 1946 comm. sqdn.
joe i was at bartcc 74-76 and was a fixture at snoopys. also worked at silverwings club as a part-time bartender. do you remember the manager, john strasabosco? former army and married the owner's daughter. had some great times there.
Mal Shaw (Sandy)
Entry #517 posted on 01.10.2010, 19:58
Location: Somerset
Unit: 229 (Berlin) Signal Squadron
Served in Berlin May 1966-May 1969. Comcen in HQ. Remember well 'Rocking Horse'. Olympics accommodation, brilliant indoor swimming/diving pool. Rode and raced (badly) with Zehlendorfer Eichorchen ('Red' Squirrals) cycling club - Reiner Podlech, olympic cyclist was member. Enjoyed canoeing on the river Havel and tributaries. Watched 1966 World Cup on TV in cellar bar just over the U-bahn bridge in Charlottenberg. Brian (Bar) Rooney and Allan Skells amongst colleagues.
Pierre Thibodeaux
Entry #516 posted on 17.09.2010, 19:02
Location: Ft Benning, GA.
Unit: B/6/502 (1990-1993)
Looking at your site I noticed one very important piece of information that isn't included on your site.
The first time and the only time the that anyone who was deployed from the entire BDE who were awarded the BBDE patch to be worn on their right shoulder as a COMBAT PATCH were from 6/502! when we were deployed to OPERATION PROVIDE COMFORT II. 411 soldiers from B/6/502 can wear the combat patch.

MSG Pierre Thibodeaux
Entry #515 posted on 12.09.2010, 21:42
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Unit: Allied Staff, Berlin
I spent three years on that staff, from Jun 68 to Jun 71, when it was located at the Olympic Stadion. After 31 years in the Army, it was my only tour in Germany, although multi TDY trips in later years took me to the old West Germany and to the US military casernes located there.
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