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Allan Bet
Entry #514 posted on 12.09.2010, 14:19
Location: Lancashire,England
Unit: 338 Construction Squadron,RE
Hi Pam,you mention your Dad being on Operation Woodpecker.
I was engaged in that forgotten operation carried out to remove timber from the Harz forest in reparation for the cost of the war.I remember the Northamptonshires.Moved to Berlin and 338 Construction Squadron in late 1947 to help demolish the Zoo Bunker.Wonderful,adventurous times for
19/20 year olds.
Pam Gander
Entry #513 posted on 22.08.2010, 12:24
Location: cornwall,England
Unit: none
Have been going through my dads photos that he put together Berlin 1947.His name was David Gander,5th Battalion Northamptonshire Reg. Based at Montgomery Barracks 1947- 48.Names I came across,CPL Gibson(hoot),Gnr Pond,l/c Stuart alias Bermuda, OP Woodpecker.

david newkam
Entry #512 posted on 21.08.2010, 04:00
Location: florida/pennsylvania
Unit: 579th engineer utility company
Mac from pennsylvania, my name is david newkam. my family is from the harrisburg area. my grandfather was in berlin sometime between 1947-1948. I was told he was part of the 579th engineer utility company as a handyman(plumber). I was wondering if you knew him? smile
Derek Forrow
Entry #511 posted on 17.08.2010, 15:40
Location: Stockport
Hi Martin Havenhand, I was in Berlin as school kid, i also went to Charlottenberg school and Gatow, i lived on scottsweg, small world. Derek Forrow
Michael Kahlbow
Entry #510 posted on 30.07.2010, 22:03
Location: Reutlingen - Germany
Unit: PSA-AWO RE Smuts Bks
Dear Martin,

Hettnerweg was not far away from Brooke/Wavell Bks.

Walzelstrasse No 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,,15,17,19,21,23 WO1 etc 14,16,18 1&2 etc, Ulrikenstrasse No 47,49, Hettnerweg 32,32a,34,36,39 A/B,41 and Lazarustrasse 117 - Hope my memories are still ok.

Whether you would like to have more information please get in touch with me.


Regards Michael
Andy Buchan
Entry #509 posted on 27.07.2010, 15:33
Location: Edinburgh
Unit: !st Bn KOSB
Hi im lookink for a old friend who worked at BMH Berlin in 1973 onwards. His name was Frank Bowes (hope ive got the
spelling) He arranged my 21st birthday party down in the American sector. Im going to berlin on the 8th Aug 2010 after 35 yrs, looking forwrd to it
Martin Ness
Entry #508 posted on 25.07.2010, 22:27
Location: England
Hi all,

I lived in Berlin early 70's, my father was serving with Cheshire Regt at the time. I am trying to find out where we were quartered. I remember sandstrasse and Hettnerweg but would be grateful if anyone could shed any light on the 'patch".

Andy Buchan
Entry #507 posted on 25.07.2010, 17:24
Location: Edinburgh
Unit: 1st Bn KOSB
Hi I went to Wavell Bks in 1971 and stayed with the cheshire regt, stayed in the platoon lines (same Landing) as the Int section. In 1973 or there abouts I went to Brooke Bks with my regiment and had a wonderful time, even at the corner bar across from wavell. if there are any members who remember myself please get intouch. [EMAIL][/EMAIL]
Entry #506 posted on 22.07.2010, 22:03
Location: Scotland
Unit: Allied Staff Berlin
big grin
Would love to hear from Nick Redgewell Ex Allied Staff again. If you read this post please can you get in touch.
Alan Harvey
Entry #505 posted on 21.07.2010, 13:39
Location: Windsor
Unit: 1st Bn Irish Guards
If anyone from the British Infantry Brigade is interested, a section on the Berlin Brigade website by Reinhard Von Browski has been dedicated to the British Forces in Berlin.
Stop by and give it a visit and leave a comment on the guest book for Reinhard, he has worked hard on the site for American Forces and now a section for the British Forces.

Alan (Berlin 1990-1992)
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