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Entry #684 posted on 04.11.2015, 01:01
Location: Tennessee
Unit: USASAFS Berlin
Served in Berlin as 98c from 73 to 76. B Co at Andrews
Dennis Wisnosky
Entry #683 posted on 29.10.2015, 20:28
Location: Abingdon, VA
Unit: C Co. 6/502 INF Berlin BDE
I was with the Company first into Macedonia. I understand several awards have been authorized for the operation. I never paid attention to the bling factors. Can anyone tell me what awards were authorized so I can have a request sent in to amend my DD-214?
Entry #682 posted on 24.10.2015, 22:14
Location: Leicester
Unit: 1 RRW
Served at Brooke Kasserne from May 76 - 78.
Best days of my life smile
david thompson
Entry #681 posted on 14.10.2015, 15:19
Location: liverpool/leamington spa
Unit: 62sqn rct berlin
served in 62 sqn until 63 then left due to medical grounds but would love to see some of the photos fron ian wallace
Roy Hughes
Entry #680 posted on 26.09.2015, 15:24
Location: Gloucester
Unit: Manchester Regiment
The Manchester Regiment served in Wavell Barracks Berlin 1949 to 1951
1954 To 1956 and again after amalgamation with the Kings Regiment in 1964.No mention of this regiment in your list of infantry regiments stationed in Berlin
peter illing
Entry #679 posted on 14.08.2015, 19:55
Location: Los Angeles
Unit: C co. 2nd batt. 6th inf
guarded spandau from 65-66. no one brings up smutts barracks right next door to the prison. british soldiers would come back from the bars at 3 in the morning and then blast the beatles on there sterio's. so i'm pulling guard duty from the back tower thinking about these nazi parasites i'm guarding and all of a sudden i'm listening to "i want to hold your hand".
marvin maberry
Entry #678 posted on 18.07.2015, 20:50
Location: Reno Nv.
Unit: 7782Special Troops
why is the 7782 Special Troops no listed for Berlin//

l was there--46-48
Entry posted on 20.07.2015, 13:33:
It was just not included in my source. Will add it - thnaks for your input.
Jimi Moore
Entry #677 posted on 11.06.2015, 23:21
Location: Lost in Oz
Unit: CSC 4/6 Stinger Plt.
David Fitzmaurice
Entry #676 posted on 29.04.2015, 21:39
Location: Strongsville,Ohio
Unit: Postal
Served form 1961-63. Worked at APO 742. Loved the city and the assignment.regular
Phil Jones
Entry #675 posted on 16.03.2015, 15:40
Location: Bluff City, TN
Unit: Det 3, 7350th ABG
Was stationed at Tempelhof, Det 3, 7350ABG from Nov 72 to Nov 75. Looking for a Det 3 patch. Hello Mac Cunningham
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