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Mick Mortimer
Entry #504 posted on 20.07.2010, 22:39
Location: rotherham
Unit: 38 Berlin Fld Sqn RE
Allan Elsy,
I remember Mick Christy and "Dally" very well. I have been in touch with Steve Rose and Paul Whiteside (did our cooking).
Will sort out some photos soonest,


alan elsy
Entry #503 posted on 20.07.2010, 17:07
Location: durham
Unit: 38(berlin)eld sqn RE
mick mortimer
I was with 38 at the same time as you
dont remember you though
I transfered to reme from re in july 65 then later on george liken turned up
I,ve been in touch with gerry dixon, "dally" dallimore, colin pearson and mick christy fairly recently
Do you have any photos from that time?If so I would love copies
I have a few that may bring back memories for you........
.let me have your email address and I,ll send them ok
take care
Frank Preissle
Entry #502 posted on 19.07.2010, 02:02
Location: columbus, ohio
Unit: Hq&Hq Co., Special Troops
Follow-up from previous:

My assignment was a plum: sports editor of the Berlin Observer at a time when Berlin Command sports were superb. Eddie Crook won Olympic boxing gold in '60, Herb Carper set the world record for the indoor 60-meter dash, the kids team went to the Little League World Series in '60, and the '60 football Bears demolished all comers, led by Maxie (Baby Hughie) Williams, who went on to play with the Dolphins.
Frank Preissle
Entry #501 posted on 18.07.2010, 07:06
Location: columbus, ohio
Unit: Hq&Hq Co., Special Troops
In Berlin '59-'61. Entrained out 16 days before the Wall went up. The commies had to wait until I left, because they knew I would have torn it apart with my bare hands (gg).

Happy to read I'm not alone in believing it was the best duty station in the army and that the time there was a life highlight.

Went back several times...last was '71. Caught without a passport when the wall came down, otherwise I would have joined the festivities then.

Over message limit...will add another.
Mick Mortimer
Entry #500 posted on 17.07.2010, 23:29
Location: Rotherham
Unit: 38 Berlin Fld Sqn RE
Hi to Dave Slater and Ron Luke.I was in the Sqn from 66-69 in the MT with S/sgt Stan Bowling.Did some work in the Zoo,a bearpit I think??
I used to knock about with Nibbs Kelly and "woody". Also I used to babysit for George and Helen Liken (REME Sgt).
Good times.
Went back in 2008 and what a difference.
Dave Craig
Entry #499 posted on 17.07.2010, 11:26
Location: Scotland
Unit: RHQ 14/20H
Hello Michael Kahlbow.
Many thanks for kind offer, have e-mailed you seperately.
Did you know Ken Davies, B Sqn Sgt Major, who was put in house arrest by the GOC. We had travelled to CheckPoint
Charlie in coach when GOC saw us with no No2 Dress Hats on and RMPs stopped us at the Checkpoint We were allowed in to
East side for the nightout, but Ken was taken to his quarters on the return. Our CO in BFPO 30 was not a happy bunny. Any RMPs out there who were on duty that night?.
Michael Kahlbow
Entry #498 posted on 16.07.2010, 17:46
Location: Germany Reutlingen
Unit: AWO-PSA (RE) Smuts Bks
Hallo Dave Craig,

My name is Michael and I have got about 30 photos. I can burn a CD for you. (my email [EMAIL][/EMAIL])

Kind regards

Dave Craig
Entry #497 posted on 13.07.2010, 10:43
Location: Scotland
Unit: RHQ 14/20H
Help from your members for any photos taken at the 7/6/85 Queen's Birthday Parade on Auf dem Maifeld.
I was a WO2 and had come to Berlin with the Guidon Party of 14/20H(to parade with our B Sqn at Smuts Bks.
The Prine of Wales took the salute with Maj Gen Gordon-Lennox, all Infantry will surely remember him for his strange ideas
Maybe 'Pinky' from Canada can help me. Other members of the party were Dave Wynstanley Alan Wainwright.
Can the site editor assist from the German press side.
Martin Havenhand
Entry #496 posted on 06.07.2010, 21:40
Location: Rotherham
Unit: RAPC
Hi to everyone who were stationed at postcode BFPO 45.

I lived on Dickenweg between 1970 to 1975, from a forces family. My Dad worked behind the Olympic Stadium at the BOAR Headquarters and I went to Charlottenburg School and my brother and sister went to Gatow.

Would be great to hear from anyone who was there at the same time, my parents were Ken & Jean Havenhand from Yorkshire.
Entry #495 posted on 04.07.2010, 19:43
Location: Dovercourt
Unit: 62 Transport and Movement Squadron
Bill Addison I remember you from A Troop, Alexander Barracks. How are you doing? Good to hear from lads so long ago.
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