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Bernd von Kostka
Entry #484 posted on 12.04.2010, 15:52
Location: Berlin
Unit: Allied Museum
To Alan Elsy and Rod Brown,

I recently wrote about the Stößensee Incident. It was a Yak 28P , Nato (Codename ´Firebar´). Alan, I would be very interested in the photo you mentioned. I have a lot more information about the incident. You can contact me via the Webpage of the Allied Museum (Staff).

Thank you

david swierczewski
Entry #483 posted on 06.04.2010, 06:24
Location: kansas/usa
Unit: Allied Staff
To-Adrian Tich Fuller.
I think I remember you the last name Fuller seems fimaliar.
I remember Cpl.Battisby promoted to Sgt .
L/cpl Phil Hughes left berlin for northern Ireland.I remember a cpl Tich dawson Hi-Fy Hawkins,Geof white,and holmes.Maj barrett all were brits.
I remember Mac, Eddie, Lonie and SSGT Siles, and me all americans with Maj herrick.
If you have pictures i would be glad to see them, let me remember some faces i have not seen in a long time.My email is [EMAIL][/EMAIL]
david swierczewski
Entry #482 posted on 01.04.2010, 05:47
Location: kansas/usa
Unit: Allied Staff berlin
to - Vic Sockrider. I saw you post and the dates you were stationed in Germany. Check out the website Berlin Brigade wall watchers. There is a guy there by the name of Jay Davis who was stationed at Helmstead at the same time you were. You may come across some other people you may know.
It is an interesting site just like this one.
Adrian titch Fuller
Entry #481 posted on 31.03.2010, 14:40
Location: northumberland uk
Unit: ASB commcen
Hi dave,
just read your post, i also served in commcen during the times you did. (i was the small brit) i have got photos of all the staff that served during our time, if you would like a copy of them just let me know. i remember having some great times in asb, can still remember arthur siles and i do believe, you. smile
Karen Markwell
Entry #480 posted on 31.03.2010, 14:37
Location: UK
Unit: 26 SU (T'Berg)
Hi - great site, thanks.

From 1983, I served in Berlin for seven of the nine years I was in the RAF and I loved every minute of every day. It was a wonderful place to be - both in respect of my career and of the city itself.

(Pete McDonagh: I grew up to your voice on BFBS Malta... "Ring, ring, why don't you give me a call!?" at 9.30 in the mornings lol! so to hear you in Berlin was wonderful! Thanks for the memories!)

Karen :-)
John J. Fox
Entry #479 posted on 29.03.2010, 14:31
Location: Pittsfield, MA
Unit: 6th Infantry Regiment
Was at McNair Barrack April 1953 to September 1954. Good time, good service.
Entry #478 posted on 22.03.2010, 20:23
Location: Boonville, NY
Unit: 7350 ABP-SPS Squadron
Hey All. I see some references to some people I may remember from TCA. The IP Olaf Dauble, I worked with him-quite a character. I was in the SPS from '78-81 and worked with some great folks-American and German. My flight chiefs were Tsgt Bannister, SSgt Finney and Tsgt Anderson-in order of succession. Some of the IP's I knew well-Ralf Leisering, Ziggy Deutchman, Dieter Kargle (Clutch), Schoemaker, Brita Hoffmeister(gorgeous).
Michael Merritt
Entry #477 posted on 18.03.2010, 03:43
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Unit: Allied Staff Berlin 1989-1991
I was stationed in Berlin from february 1989 to august 1991.
I worked in the comm center @ Allied Staff Berlin. It was the best time of my life.
Dan Petit
Entry #476 posted on 08.03.2010, 17:50
Location: Boonville, NY
Unit: 7350 ABP-SPS Squadron
Hey Jimmy G, I remember you well at TCA. We had some good fun.
Danard "Dan" Petit
Jimmie guthrie
Entry #475 posted on 05.03.2010, 16:26
Location: Tennessee
Unit: 7350th SP
Stationed at TCA with the 7350th SPs from Sep 1966 thru 1969 and again from 1976 to 1981. would like to hear from anyone in the unit during those times. Live in Smyrna Tn.
Retire TSgt.
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