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Norman Walter
Entry #474 posted on 03.03.2010, 19:33
Location: Edinburgh Scotland
Unit: 247 Provost Coy, 2 RMP
Just came across this site per chance. I served in the Royal Military Police, 247 Pro Coy, 2 RMP, stationed at the Olympic Stadium from 1983-86. The provost role was to maintain peace & carry out investigations within the military community. Othe operations were to operate Checkpoints Charlie & Bravo. Must say made some very good friends in that time.
Allan Best
Entry #473 posted on 01.03.2010, 11:42
Location: Colne,Lancashire
Unit: 338 Construction Squadron R>R>
Am I the last surviving R.E. of the squadron that blew up the Zoo Bunker in 1948?Who turned out to withstand the might of the Soviet Union (three of us with a Bren gun) over the matter of the scrapyard?We went in by train,came out once by bus and finally,because of the blockade,came home by plane.Happy posting though.
Vic Sockrider
Entry #472 posted on 28.02.2010, 00:30
Location: Indiana
Unit: Helmstedt Support Detachment
Looking for friends from 1971 & 1972
Dan Petit
Entry #471 posted on 24.02.2010, 20:58
Location: New York
Unit: 7350 ABP-SPS Squadron
Hi, I was with the 7350th SPS at Templehof from 1978-81. Had some great times there and would love to re-connect with others stationed there.
david swierczewski
Entry #470 posted on 24.02.2010, 02:31
Location: kansas/usa
Unit: allied staff berlin
TO Mowatannie i just came across your post. I was stationed at allied headquarters from Feb 1970 till Feb 1972.
I worked in the communication center. I do remember having great times in berlin. I have several pictures i would like to post but i have to dig them out of storage and that would take some time. if i am from you time frame at asb. let me know...
John Corcoran
Entry #469 posted on 21.02.2010, 17:10
Location: Leicester
Unit: 1st Bat. The Welch Regiment
Served in Wavell Barracks from 61/62 with the Welch Reg. Sig Ptn, M.T.sect. as a driver/op. Spotted site today found Henry Cass in Norwich looking for people who patrolled The Eiskeller in Spandau. I was on the first patrol ever in that area and we received 3 escapees on the first night. Don't know how you communicate with individuals on the site but if Henry Cass knows how then please do so or anyone else who would like to reminisce. Regards to all John Corcoran (Korky)
phil downes
Entry #468 posted on 20.02.2010, 22:36
Location: now living in blackpool england
Unit: 1st kings regt
to anyone who knows me ime trying to get hold of the major units sports day meeting 1988 i cleared up 100/200 long jump and hold the record for the triple jump we won the major units both yrs we was there, would love to get old of any photo,s or the bullitin itself all the best to any one that knows me
Alan Harvey
Entry #467 posted on 18.02.2010, 00:41
Location: Windsor/Belfast
Unit: 1st Bn Irish Guards
Was in Wavel Barracks from 91-92 with the Irish Guards (The Micks) loved every minute of it, nothing apart from Munster compares too it.
Steve from the 14/20th, i remember your lads there in Smuts, remember the Urban Cam paint on the Chieftons, and Rhuleben excercises with the Armour and Infantry.
Playing and beating the Royal Welch Fusiliers Drums Platoon at Football in Montegomery Barracks, too many good times too mention, fond memories of a great place.
Entry #466 posted on 15.02.2010, 22:06
Location: Thurso, Scotland
Unit: Allied Staff Berlin
Hi David Swierczewski, I have just read your post. What year did you serve in Allied Staff? I have such lovely memories of the people that I served with whilst posted in Berlin, which was the jewel in the crown of all postings and would love to hear from anyone who remembers big grin me.
Entry #465 posted on 13.02.2010, 15:16
Location: London
Unit: 4 Indep. Platoon
Hi, Served in Berlin W.R.A.C. and was there when wall was built. Very interesting site and loved Berlin.
Reading through messages and must have known John Wiseman.
Certainly remember Phil Fisher, he married June, one of our group. Her sister Anne was also stationed with us. I am still in touch with Ann and June and also June Rodhouse. Not easy to remember lots of the names as it was so long ago!!!
Best Wishes to all, Jill.
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