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David Swierczewski
Entry #464 posted on 10.02.2010, 04:49
Location: USA/ kansas
Unit: Allied Staff Berlin
Nice site Someone by the name of Geoff White brought back so long fogotten memories. I too server at the comm/center at Allied Headquarters. I remember Cpl.Dawson(UK) Lance/cpl
Holmes(UK) Maj.Barret(uk) and Maj Herrick(us) SSgt Siles(US)
I also remember that Mac was talking about marrying a Brittish Girl by the name of Hillary. I did not keep in touch with many people but it is nice to find sites like this one to bring back happy memeories.
Larry Chiles
Entry #463 posted on 07.02.2010, 22:48
Location: Mentor Ohio
Unit: 287th M.P. Co.
big grin
I was station from 1963-1966 with the 287M.P.I found this site about 2 weeks ago and it amaze's me that we all have fond memories of our time in Berlin.It was a great city to be station in.We went up to the Nafi Club (hope I spell it right)a few times.Are there any other old timer on this site.
John Stevens
Entry #462 posted on 07.02.2010, 06:28
Location: Muskogee, OK
Unit: C/94 FA
I was a member of C Battery, 94th F.A. in West Berlin in 1978 and 1979. Served with a guy by the name of Phillip Maikranz from New York City as well as a number of other great guys.

Anyone from C/94 who served during the time period, please contact me. I would love to catch up and if anyone knows how to get in touch with Phil, please let me know.

Entry #461 posted on 06.02.2010, 00:07
Location: Dorset England
Unit: 14/20 Hussars
Just found this site whilst browsing the web. I was in Berlin from mid 89 to 92.Had a little time away in the Gulf but otherwise it was a great tour.
I was with the Berlin Armoured Sqn. Any one out there remember us.
Donald H Edwards
Entry #460 posted on 05.02.2010, 02:41
Location: Canada
Unit: Berlin Signal Sqdn
I was a member of the Berlin Sig. Sqdn billeted in Berlin approx 1947/1948. Participated in Army Tattoo which was supposed to lift the morale of the locals I think.

Initially billeted in the olympic stadium

Subsequently lived in an apartment complex at Neu-west-End and had a great time.

Does anyone know what happened to the Main NAAFI on Reich-Kanzler-platz?

Is there anyone around from that far back? happy
von Bandel
Entry #459 posted on 01.02.2010, 19:44
Location: Berlin
Fier d'être né Dans la caserne militaire française du Quartier Napoléon le 28 novembre 1961 Année de la construction du mur de Berlin.
J'ai vécu Jusqu'à l'âge de 19 ans Dans cette ville magnifique au millieu des Alliés Américains et Anglais ...
Belle tranche de vie inoubliable!
Régulièrement je retourne à Berlin en mai pour les 25 km et en septembre pour le marathon: l'occasion de courir Dans les plus belles avenues de cette ville
Ich bin ein Berliner
michael herring
Entry #458 posted on 31.01.2010, 22:44
Location: chicago
Unit: c 2div 6inf
Was at Mcnair from 1974 to 1976 charley 2/6 best thing ever done to be station there. Is there anybody out there from that company at that time.
Jon Claridge
Entry #457 posted on 27.01.2010, 14:43
Location: Gloucestershire, UK
Unit: 38 (Berlin) Fd Sqn RE
Jeff Hobbins,

Can't quite place you in my memory Jeff but was there when the war gasses were cleared. Seemed to recall Bob ended up at BMH but all a false alarm.
Howie Leigh married my sister and Bob was at the party!
Met up with Gus Cowd for his 50th, another compatriot of 38, who lives a stones throw from the old Cove Training Camp. Business Park and housing now!
Sounds like you managed a nice long tour in Berlin! Did 38 manage to lose you down town?

Bob Mitchem
Entry #456 posted on 23.01.2010, 18:16
Location: Alabama,U.S.A.
Unit: D Company,6th Inf.
I was stationed in Berlin from 1960-1963,I am looking for an SFC Welborne,Wilburn? or anyone that might have a bit of info on him,he wore a 2nd Inf Div.combat patch.We were billited at McNair and were in the convoy from West Germany in to Berlin when the wall started going up.Also any info on MSGT James N. Kea would also be helpful.Would like to hear from anyone during that time frame.
Thanks for this site
Bob Mitchem
Entry #455 posted on 18.01.2010, 10:33
Location: Thurso, Scotland
Unit: Allied Staff Berlin
Hi Dave Powell & Jayne Gosney nee Yardley, I am not sure if you will remember me from ASB, I used to be Anne Onslow. Kennet is not the name for Angie & Kevin but Cull who I am in touch with; I also keep in touch with Hazel & Les Richings her name used to MacGregor, also Nick Redgewell from ASB & have just recently got news of whereabouts of Clive Mercer. Hope life is going well for you both & hope you will get in touch, so I can pass contact details onto you. Anne Mowat nee Onslow smile
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