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Larry Chiles
Entry #454 posted on 15.01.2010, 05:45
Location: Mentor Ohio
Unit: 287th M.P.
Ron Brown I was station with the 287th from 63-66 and I remember the Mig that went down.I was send out to the autobahn check point to make sure the Russian didn't come thru.I was told later the whole plane was ship back to the states and back to Berlin in a week?
Bill Walker
Entry #453 posted on 02.01.2010, 04:18
Location: ALASKA
rod brown
Entry #452 posted on 29.12.2009, 22:44
Location: manchester
Unit: 38 fld sqn RE
Alan Elsey,hello Alan,nice to make contact,I only seem to be able to obtain the guestbook,so I can't access your email,I'm no whizzkid on the computer,perhaps i'm missing the obvious confused confused confused
Entry posted on 31.12.2009, 09:07:
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Jackie Waide
Entry #451 posted on 29.12.2009, 18:38
Location: CarrickFergus
Unit: 1 Royal Irish
Served in Berlin 79/81, was probally the best 2 years i spent in the army,
alan elsy
Entry #450 posted on 28.12.2009, 13:49
Location: consett durham
Unit: 38(berlin)fld sqn RE
Rod Brown
I have a pic of the heavy ferry with the yak on board
email me and I ,ll send you it with some of the lads around that time
Entry #449 posted on 26.12.2009, 20:55
Location: cheshire
Unit: 38(Berlin)Field Sqn RE
Hi everyone. i was in Berlin from 1977 throuh to 1988 as it was my first and last posting i got to do more than th standard 2 year tour.
does anyone remember removing the war gasses from spandau citadel.
i remember bob gibson and howie lee shared a room on the second floor.
Squadron Bar
Rocking Horse
Trial canter
B5 Restaurant
Bridge Dems
wilkie arrested for breaking into Spandau Prison
glad to hear from any of you
Great site
rod brown
Entry #448 posted on 25.12.2009, 21:41
Location: manchester
Unit: 38 fld.sqn.RE.
Do you know,I could have sworn that crashed plane was a mig.I do remember the engines going to Gatow,and remember the airmen being recovered.There was no memory of any
bullet wounds,or talk of it on the raft,or back at barracks.
I recall hearing that civilians in the area said there was a bang and the plane came down apparently out of control. confused confused confused
Entry #447 posted on 24.12.2009, 23:28
Location: manchester
Unit: 38 fld. sqn.RE.
Alan Elsey wanted to know who remembered the Russian plane coming down in the river.I was on the raft that was fishing the bits out.It was a twin seat mig 29,and we were at it the best part of a week as I recall.The Russians were buzzing the Kongressehalle in protest at the West German parliament meeting there. smile smile smile
Entry #446 posted on 24.12.2009, 21:58
Location: manchester
Unit: 38 field sqn.RE
big grin
Just wandered in to this.In Berlin from 1963 to 1966.Saw the entry from Roger Shantze,I remember him.I didn't realize I had such affection for the place,it's amazing how much one can recall,even though it was a largely alchoholic haze. big grin big grin big grin
Steve Morgan
Entry #445 posted on 23.12.2009, 18:23
Location: Atlanta, Ga
Unit: B26 McNair Baracks 68-70
I played for the Berlin Bears 68-70. 1st ever GI Super Bowl between the Army Champs,us,and the Air Force Champs! I am looking for some of my old teammates from that time! Brad Baker,Geller,Jerry Bayer,Coach Robinson,Coach Hendrix,Stan Walker etc. Memories of the Duty Trains we took from Base to Base to play! If anyone knows someone during that time let me know please. Looking for an american family from there too. I think they were the "Neebs"?
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