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Joe Magill
Entry #444 posted on 16.12.2009, 20:41
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Unit: 287th MP Co
I was station in Berlin btween 1979 - 1982. I was with the 287th MP Co. I was at Checkpoint Charlie, Bravo & Alpha. Was also on the Boat Patrol. Would like too hear from others from that time...
Entry #443 posted on 10.12.2009, 22:50
Location: Reutlingen-West-Germany
Unit: AWO-PSA (RE) Smuts Bks
Hallo alistair jones,

I also have some photos to share with you.

Allied Forces Day Parades, last Open House 1992 at Gatow Station, Queens Birthday at the Maifield, Farewell Parade (Rathaus Spandau) just to name a few.

If have are interested please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

I went back to Berlin in 2005. (Britannia Centre, Smuts Bks, Alex Bks and RE Supply Depot).

I was very upset, what have they done.


Entry posted on 11.12.2009, 17:01:
If you like to share them on this website please get in touch [EMAIL][/EMAIL]
Kerry Lawlor
Entry #442 posted on 10.12.2009, 00:01
Location: London
Unit: 1 kings
Hi to all, my father, Michael Lawlor, served in Berlin with 1 kings in '89 when the wall came down. i am trying to find a back issue of the Berlin bulletin at that time and would appreciate it if anyone has any idea how i can find it. it's the issue that was brought out when the wall fell. i was there when checkpoint charlie opened for the first time, east to west and would love to see the issue that celebrated it.

my thanks

Kerry Lawlor
Kahlbow Michael
Entry #441 posted on 07.12.2009, 22:19
Location: Reutlingen- West Germany
Unit: AWO-PSA (RE) Smuts Bks
entry #430 posted 19.11.2009 02:06 - Ralph Beaumont

Bill Rodder

Dear Sir or Madam

I have just spoken to one of my friends back in Berlin and Bill is not living far away from him. He went to see Bill and Bill has asked me if I could get in touch with Ralph.

Therefore I would like to ask you whether you could pass on my email address ( to Ralph in Australia.

Many thanks


Michael Kahlbow (Mr)
Frank Knox
Entry #440 posted on 07.12.2009, 21:08
Location: Berlin
Unit: 1st Bn coldstream Guards
Hi alistair jones

iwas stationed in Berlin first in 1972
and later worked for the Army as ASA I have CDs of the time you were here.
From Gatow and varios parades i can burn them and send them to you.
Best regards frank
Entry posted on 09.12.2009, 08:01:
I'd be interested, too smile

Grüße aus Wilmersdorf
Frank Knox
Entry #439 posted on 07.12.2009, 21:02
Location: Berlin
Unit: 1st Bn coldstream Guards
Bill Rodda is still here in Berlin.
William Rodda
Heerstr 434
13591 Berlin

Tel Nr 3637462

Bill asked me to put his details here he does not have a computer

I was allso with Bill working for the Army with my Twin Brother Paul as ASA.

Frank Knox
Dan MacCracken
Entry #438 posted on 07.12.2009, 00:42
Location: utica new york
John Prince
Entry #437 posted on 03.12.2009, 18:02
Location: Nottingham
Unit: 3 sqn 13 signal regiment
big grin
I served in berlin 1973-75 worked at tyfulsberg on the hill met lot of great people brits and american the best posting I ever had great city plenty to do world cup 1974 also watching hertha at all there home games in the olimpic stadium best time ever
Kim & Marc Gelbke
Entry #436 posted on 01.12.2009, 02:36
Location: Florida
Unit: 7350th ABG - SPS - IP
Steve Hamer - I think I recall the name...great to hear from you. Miss the good ol' days at TCA. I see your in CA now, hope all is great...keep writing.
Kerry Wise
Entry #435 posted on 30.11.2009, 03:49
Location: Bath, michigan
Unit: Co.C 2nd bn. 6th inf.
Was in Berlin 1/72 -8-75 McNair Remember guard duty at spandau prison. Loved tower three, it was suppose to be haunted. Had more fun in Berlin than most people have in a lifetime. I think about my people I was so fortunate to know there and wish I could find some of them.
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