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Gerard Egan
Entry #674 posted on 04.02.2015, 20:40
Location: Liverpool
Unit: 247 Berlin Provost Company
Gerald Beutler
Entry #655 posted on 01.04.2014, 03:43
Location: Erie, Mich
Unit: 287th MP

Hi Gerald, did you know Pat Drury of the 287th who I used to work with during 1963 at Checkpoint Charlie.

If you read this pose get in touch.
Email sent
keith rawlings
Entry #673 posted on 26.01.2015, 01:08
Location: addlestone surrey
Unit: 1 Bn Grenadier Guards
Any friends still alive from Montgomery Barracks Grenadier Guards June 1954 to Nov 1955 ? If so do get in touch.
david tomlinson[tomo]
Entry #672 posted on 10.01.2015, 23:12
Location: wiltshire
Unit: 3rd royal anglian reg
Lou Papale
Entry #671 posted on 08.01.2015, 23:47
Location: utica,ny
Unit: 272 mp co.
Mp '56-'57 Capt. Rowe was CO Andrews Barracks. Buddies- Jack Heinz, Flip Taylor, J.B.Kilroy, Joe Koltar, Vin Cote', Rock Ambrosi(287), Great German Police on patrol with us, Winks, Spater, Paul, Vernon, Hans,Otto and Louie. Bars= LuLu, White Elephant, Reisi, Lauderplatz and Frau Berma. Great Duty, miss the friends.
Ralph Sanderson
Entry #670 posted on 06.01.2015, 11:50
Location: london
Unit: 62 sqd rasc/rcx
Hi. I served with 62sqn staff car troop in Berlin 1961/1964 had a great time I drove dusty Springfield Alfred marks and many more on there visit to entertain our lads we were stationed at the olympic swimming pool complex what a great time I had driving visitors on East sector tours and visits to the opera in East Berlin my son was born there at Spandau hospital and we are returning in March with my son to show him the sights
Joseph Chambers
Entry #669 posted on 05.01.2015, 04:08
Location: Va.
Unit: C-94 FA
I am looking for any member of C-94 FA Berlin from 1976 to 1981. Please contact me abunlifemin@yahoo,com. Would love to hear from you
Chris Hunter
Entry #668 posted on 12.12.2014, 08:27
Location: Preston
Unit: RCT
My father Patrick Hunter was a warrant officer on the British Military train in 1974 I was 10 years old and we were stationed in berlin for around three years. Tomorrow I am returning to Berlin for four days with my 22 year old son and look forward to seeing the changes since the wall came down
Mike Owen
Entry #667 posted on 30.10.2014, 21:49
Location: Louisiana USA
Unit: US Army Vietnam 67-69
I was born at British Military Hospital Berlin Jan 3, 1949 during the Berlin blockade to a British father and German mother.
Jerry Miller
Entry #666 posted on 28.10.2014, 23:27
Location: Crossett Ar
Unit: Cco4/502
GOOD TIMES!! 86-88 McNair barracks, 750th year b-day, Mrs. J's Imbus stand, greese fight in the motor pool, just to get caught by Smg, the Wansee, tennis ball cannon over the wall at dough boy, Kudamm!! was there when Rudy died, Mr. gorby tear down these walls. trying to be the shortest to get out of the parades. came home to Ft. Campbell 6 months before the wall came down, missed the party.
Steve Waner
Entry #665 posted on 13.10.2014, 18:11
Location: Tamworth Staffs
Unit: 1st Bn Worcstershire and Sherwood Foresters
Hi I was in Berlin 72 until 74 at Montgomery Brks fantastic posting Rudolph Hess Spandau prison,train guard, callouts in the middle of the night lol and not forgetting queens birthday parades and good mates with plenty of beer, wat about Saltau Training area and Hamburg on a Saturday night Brilliant memories with brilliant friends
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