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Steven Breach
Entry #664 posted on 03.10.2014, 18:55
Location: Cwmbran ,South Wales
Unit: 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards
Was in Smuts for a month in 1979,had a great time,only crashed out once,roads were icy,my 432 apc slid around like a drunkBerlin a magnificent city,even then,would love to go back after 30 years of reunification smile
Duncan Sanger
Entry #663 posted on 17.08.2014, 17:45
Location: Scotland
Unit: 247 Provost Company RMP, 2 RMP
Just found this site whilst trying to find out information on 247 Pro Coy RMP reunion. Served in Berlin for two years right up to the closing down, was the last RMP SNCO to serve in Berlin with Cpls Scouse Dooley and Shaun Brannan. Lots of great memories of Berlin, have been back numerous times to visit my mate in the GCP.
Peter Liander
Entry #662 posted on 15.08.2014, 04:18
Location: NYC
Unit: B-4-18 INF
in Berlin 66/68. good time, good beer great place to be 19 years old
Entry #661 posted on 26.07.2014, 00:09
Location: Currently in Fife, Scotland
Hi Martin, I too was in Charlottenburg and had loads of fun with Helen McGaritty and her elder sister Elizabeth. I also remember Mandy Evans. Yours, Heather MacMillan.
Gillie Edwards
Entry #660 posted on 21.07.2014, 15:37
Location: West Wales
Unit: 3 Int & Sy Berlin
Worked so very happily at 3 Int & Sy Berlin.
Brought up 3 happy teenagers. Berlin was the best place for kids, plenty of facilities for them.
I love Berlin and go back as often as I can.
peter illing
Entry #659 posted on 13.06.2014, 05:28
Location: los angeles
Unit: c co. 2nd batt., 6th inf
spandau guard mount on two separate occasions. the second time my guard post was center back directly over the garden. i took a kodak instamatic in my ammo pouch and snapped away, with the camera at my waist. sold them for a $300 and a couple of weeks later they were in Stern Magazine. by the way, i have a letter of commendation from my company commander, charles baker as the outstanding soldier of the guard mount. i was 18 and stupid.
JIM O'Brien
Entry #658 posted on 10.06.2014, 23:59
Location: live ln the Netherlands
Unit: EX sapper
Was in 38 from74to76 and from 78to80 thought 38 was a great posting?
Thomas Pavett
Entry #657 posted on 13.05.2014, 12:23
Location: London
Unit: 14th 20th Kings Hussars
Served in Berlin with 14th/20th Kings Hussars 1957/58
DAVID Wright
Entry #656 posted on 12.04.2014, 15:03
Location: Tynemouth
Stationed at Brooke bks Spandau 69 - 71 on MT great for sports. Lived in a flat at Baedekerveg . Anyone remember grotty nellies. What a bar! cool
Gerald Beutler
Entry #655 posted on 01.04.2014, 04:43
Location: Erie, Mich
Unit: 287th MP
Larry Chiles I remember you from my time in Berlin. I served in the 287th in 1962&1963 smile
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