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Frank Rhodes
Entry #654 posted on 25.02.2014, 20:01
Location: Uniontown, Pa.
Unit: HHC3rdGB/6 INF Honor Guard
I served in Berlin 1957-1959 HHC 3rd.BG.6th.INF Recon. PLT. Honor Guard. And I'm looking for others that was there at that time. I would love to get a roster of the guy's. I am a member of BUSMVA.
A few guy's I remember Capt. White, 1st.Sgt.Watson,Donohue,
Yellowrobe, Galluppo, Tuggle,

Thanks Frank
bill medley
Entry #653 posted on 18.02.2014, 05:12
Location: ohio
Unit: 287th mp co.
I was in Berlin 1972-74. I left unexpectedly after being captured by the Russians. Trying to get a reunion together.
Steve B ingham
Entry #652 posted on 22.01.2014, 08:23
Location: Redcar N Yorks UK
Unit: 1st Bn Green Howards
I was staitioned at Montgomery Barracks 1977-1978 only 17 yrs old what an adventure we used to use BAFSV AS CURRENCY to spend in the NAFFI as well as Marks had to get a bus then the U Bahn to get into town we were that far out wish I could go back.
Alan Kerr
Entry #651 posted on 15.01.2014, 12:03
Location: Scotland
Unit: 1 KOSB
Hi , stationed Brooke Bks 71-73, great times, quartered in
private accm Hochwaldsteig near Gatow, revisited 2007, lot
of changes, got lost driving around city, ended up in the
east, oh shit, don't accept bafs, great city, many happy
memories. smile
Tony Hodgson
Entry #650 posted on 13.01.2014, 10:37
Location: Bicester, Oxfordshire
Unit: 229 Signal Squadron
229 Sig Sqn August 1978 to August 1980, was taken back to Berlin May 2013 as a surprise long weekend by my present wife and a great city is now a fantastic city long weekend not long enough, checked out the olympic stadium barracks and the old hang outs. Seemed a bit strange staying in an hotel in east Berlin.
Ken Steven
Entry #649 posted on 11.01.2014, 07:12
Location: Coventry, United Kingdom
Unit: 247 Provost Coy, 2 RMP
big grin
Served with 247 '74 - '76.
Got married there 19 Aug 75 to a girl in the WRAC Provost - Gail Goodwin.
What a time! Absolutely loved it there, even if the then RSM threatened me with a posting to Northern Ireland if I got married. Went to NI the day after I got married!
[]Ken (Joe 90) Steven[/EMAIL]
Had an honour guard of RMP, US MP and French Gendarme as we left the church and then on to the piss up, sorry, the reception in the corporals mess back at the 247 barracks.
James Hedges
Entry #648 posted on 26.11.2013, 15:55
Location: Georgetown, Texas
Unit: Office of USCOB
Served in Berlin from Jan 60 to Jul 63. Was assigned to Allied Staff Berlin at the Olympic Stadium. I have been back to Berlin many times since. Do any of you old timers remember the Resi Ballhaus? Or how about the Stork Club on Andrews Barracks? I tried to enter Andrews a couple years ago but was not allowed to. Andrews is now a repository for German records. Berlin is still a wonderful place and I'm looking forward to eating another curry wurst on my next visit next month.
Jim Pearson
Entry #647 posted on 11.11.2013, 00:42
Location: SE Louisiana
I lived in Andrews Barracks and worked on Teufelsberg through the early '70s. Encountered (and fled from)gruniehogs, slid down the hill on a cafeteria tray at the end of a swingshift, eventually moved to Wenkabachstrasse in Tempelhof. We miss our Berlin friends and the city itself, I sure wish I could visit since the reunification.
Phil Cherry
Entry #646 posted on 29.10.2013, 18:51
Location: Berlin
Unit: 38 Berlin Field Sqdn
Just found this site, very interesting. Found Jock Maglashgan (a pint a second)and his comments, I was also in Smuts from 73 - 75. Can only remember half a dozen names but still have good contact with Brian Dalton in Carrickfergus. Anyone else around?
david stobo
Entry #645 posted on 29.10.2013, 16:33
Location: glasgow scotland
Unit: 62 transport and movements sqn rct
i was there 1971 to 73 great place in alexander brks in spandau im going back on november 2013 to take a trip down memory lane to see how the city has changed
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