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Mike Detzi
Entry #644 posted on 03.10.2013, 16:33
Location: Wind Gap, Pa.
Unit: HHC 4th. Bn. 6th. Inf & DCSI, USCOB
Was stationed in Berlin from 1974 thru 1977, & needless to say was the BEST duty I had during my tenure in the Army which lasted almost 8 yrs. What a wonderful experience & do hope to return soon for a visit. Prost!!
david swierczewski
Entry #643 posted on 21.09.2013, 00:39
Location: kansas/usa
Unit: allied staff berlin
I have not seen any post since march of 2012. I was just wondering what was going on with all who served at asb. confused confused confused
alex ingram
Entry #642 posted on 15.08.2013, 02:42
Location: courtnay bc canada
Unit: 2nd batt northampton shire
I was in Berlin from early 1947 until we posted to Austria in 1948 .I cant find any reference to my regt 2nd batt northamptom shire regt the listing of regt does not list this fact. what gives I
Alan Harvey
Entry #641 posted on 17.07.2013, 21:11
Location: Belfast
Unit: Irish Guards
Hi David, I hope your well? Its been a while, but ive just paid another visit to your website for a memory tour.I dont know about anyone else that served in Berlin, but my memories are still fresh and i can still remember (apart from the times when drunk on Schultiess) most, if not every thing about my time in the wonderful city. I am due back in Berlin 26th July 2013 for a long weekend to remember the good old days, looking forward to it.
Michael Lapsys
Entry #640 posted on 07.07.2013, 22:40
Location: New Mexico
Unit: 287th MP Company
I was with the 287th MP Co in Berlin in 1971-1972 but cannot remember the name of the caserne or compound where we were headquartered though I can visualize it. Same place as the Provost Marshall's office. Was home to an infamous SS incident in the swimming pool in WWII. My youngest son now lives in Berlin, and I want to visit it while visiting him. I would appreciate any help. My CO was 1LT George E. Williams, III. Thanks.
Homer 'Hotel Bravo' Barnes
Entry #639 posted on 16.06.2013, 21:57
Location: Ulysses, Kansas
Unit: 1946 AACS/AFCS E3
Hello all and thanks for the good site. I served at Tempelhof Air Base from 1961 to 1964 as an Air Traffic Controller in BARTCC.
Remember the continous car elevator, how did we all survive that? I arrived before the Airmen's Club existed and we had the previlege of using the NCO Club, Silver Wings. How about the Columbia Theater across the street.
Great times, great assignment, worked with a good bunch of Airmen, does our graffiti still exist at the top of the elevator shaft?
Fredeick Flanagan
Entry #638 posted on 12.06.2013, 13:49
Location: Torquay UK.
Unit: REME
Hi to all exsevice members.UK USA & French. This has been a
great site. I served in the REME W/shops in Spandau.Apart
from a handfulfew of Service personel all the w/force were the original factory workers when it was the Spandau armament
factory. We did beat them at football with the help of a couple of pro players doing national service.
I note its a while since there was a contribution. Dont let
the site die you must have lots of good memories. There was
no better posting than BERLIN.
Entry #637 posted on 12.06.2013, 12:50
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Paddy Moran
Entry #636 posted on 09.06.2013, 20:22
Location: United Kingdom
Unit: 1DLI
I was stationed in Montgomery Barracks 1961_1963.I lived in Scotweg facing the olympic stadium.Played football agains'some really good army and German teams.Made some good friends,great posting.
Ian Perry
Entry #635 posted on 08.06.2013, 00:15
Location: UK
Unit: 13 Signal Regt
I was stationed in Teufelsberg at the time the current buildings, now ruins, were built. The place you see now was built by the US NSA in 1970. Originally we Brits had a two huts, one for Army , one for RAF and one tower. The Yanks had the small dome and a few more huts.

One of the Yank MPs shot the windows out of the old guard hut one night, and the same guy pulled a gun on me when he was drunk on duty. Some were Vietnam vets and a bit screwed up
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