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Kim Dent-Brown
Entry #104 posted on 12.09.2006, 14:01
Location: Yorkshire, England
Unit: 1st Bn the Gloucestershire Regiment
Wavell Bks 1986, 2ic B Company (plain Lt Dent in those days, hadn't got married then!) OC was Colin Gordon, CSM 'Dicky' Dawes. Got off the plane at Gatow in Feb and all the hairs in my nose immediately froze up. Went for company run on the frozen Havel, then three months later was sailing over the same spot from British Berlin YC - remember sailing against American and French clubs that summer. Did Spandau guard once: my daughters love to say "Daddy guarded Rudolf Hess".
Entry #103 posted on 07.09.2006, 18:51
Location: Berlin
Never served but worked as a civvy for the RLC in Alex barracks, as the signwriter/artist. Helped paint the scenery and props for the last 2 Tattoos and Bandanza. You can see the pictures of my work on my site:

Here's a few examples:

karen boardman
Entry #102 posted on 06.09.2006, 14:28
Location: london
Unit: prince of wales battalion 1st regiment
My father served in the army between 82-84 at Smuts and I used to attend the childrens school inside the barracks. I haven't been back in 16 years and wondered whether the barracks and all of the army quarters are still around?
John Nicholas Vaughan
Entry #101 posted on 29.08.2006, 01:10
Location: Liverpool England
Unit: 38(Berlin)Fd Sqn
I was in Spandau, Smuts Kaserne, 1984-85 38(Berlin)Fd Sqn. and a fab time was had by all. If anyone remembers me please feel free to e mail, I would particularly like to have a copy of the Sqn photo that was taken outside Spandau Prison gates, as mine was lost. All the best.Nick Vaughan.
Alan Whitehead
Entry #100 posted on 28.08.2006, 14:55
Location: Southampton UK
Unit: 62 Tpt & Mov Sqn RCT
I served in the movements troop between Mar 88 to Nov 89 and enjoyed every minute of it. I ran the bookings for the BMT for a year and then the last 6 months covered the air bkgs side of life. My wife and I had a fantastic time in Berlin and it was the best time we spent in the Army.
Richard Moriarty
Entry #99 posted on 28.08.2006, 00:09
Location: Rochester, N.Y.
Unit: 793rd mp
Was in Berlin June 1975-Nov 1975. Met Horst Budweg and his wife. Lost touch with them for over 20 years. We got together in 02 and have kept in touch since. Thanks to the internet.
Sorry I left Berlin, but stayed in Germany and it was the best!
Charles Millett
Entry #98 posted on 23.08.2006, 23:03
Location: chester le street durham england
Unit: 38 berlin field squadren royal engineers
Came by this site well done, it brings back so many memories.
I served there 1958/59 with 38 field sqd royal engineers at SMUTS BARRACKS so if there is anybody out there from that time please write in. I remember Corp WILLIAMS (COCOA), my mate Bob Carrol, Marrian, Ossy (Austin), Ginger (German woman worked in cook house lovely lady), NAAFI manageress german woman strange little bugger, and of course THE BOM the little bar at the corner, the ABC BAR
Achim Genzel
Entry #97 posted on 21.08.2006, 21:20
Location: Berlin
Unit: DEH 1968-1993
The Berlin US Military Veterans Association had their reunion in Berlin. To see the photos follow this link:
Stuart Cunliffe
Entry #96 posted on 20.08.2006, 22:07
Location: Aldershot
Unit: 408 Sqn R.E
Lived in Berlin from 1970-1996.
Plantage,Feldstrasse,Wasserwerkstrasse,Multi-drop delivery driver Lother Schulz,workshop British Berlin yacht club,Mt sect Alexander Bks.
Hier konnt ihr mich finden.
Grusse an alle meinen freunde.
Ray Green
Entry #95 posted on 14.08.2006, 16:22
Location: Wallasey UK
Unit: 62 Tpt & Mov Sqn RCT/Berlin Inf Bde
Opps, Sorry for got to say thanks for a great site well done and keep up the good work smile
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