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Ray Green
Entry #94 posted on 14.08.2006, 16:05
Location: Wallasey UK
Unit: 62 Tpt & Mov Sqn RCT/Berlin Inf Bde
Hi all,
I was the Berlin Inf Bde Master Driver located with 62 Sqn RCT (1988-91). The time in Berlin was the highlight of a 22 years service. Thanks to all who remember me in the Sqn and thanks Berlin. Do miss shopping in the East; mind you the beer was crap!

Remember lets be careful out there!
Some good links for you: Bunker Tours In East Germany
Entry #93 posted on 09.08.2006, 23:01
Location: England
Unit: Army Brat
My family moved to Berlin in 1963, were my father worked for BSSO near the Olympic Stadium. I remember tobogganing down the hill near Kranz Alle, near Olympic Stadium one snowy Christmas eve with a bunch of kids. I worked for a short time as a secretary at the Barracks next door to Spandau Prison. Joined the American drama club and played a small part in a play at the Volks Fest one time. What a great time to have been in Berlin during the 60’s, and to have been part of history…..
Gary Cosgrove
Entry #92 posted on 06.08.2006, 18:15
Location: Cumbria
Unit: 62 Tpt & Mov Sqn RCT
I served with 62 Squadron from Nov 85 - Mar 87, can't for the life of me remember the name of the barracks, but don't half miss the Schnell Imbiss that was right outside the camp gates, lol.Spent a lot of time in the stores with a mate called Paul, he was an english civilian, working at the camp, and was married to a Berliner, loved to meet him again, we had a great laugh. big grin big grin
ray petrie
Entry #91 posted on 06.08.2006, 14:30
Location: Manchester
Unit: 229 SIG SQN
I loved Berlin so much , I went back to live there when I got Divorced. I worked at RAF GATOW and in the Cinema. Above the Cinema was a private Club for NAAFI/ Cinema employees, it sold the cheapest Beer in the DIVIDED CITY. I had a few beers there many times then staggered down to the IRISH PUB!
I Loved the TRAIN and got more BTDs than Terry Mundin or Bernie Bush Ha! Ha!
I've still got some BAFFs, so I'm going back to spend em!
Terry Mundin
Entry #90 posted on 06.08.2006, 12:16
Location: Manchester
Unit: 229 Signal Squadron(Berlin)
I served in 229 Signal Squadron from 1961 to 1964.I was a radio operator,had a great time in spite of the Political situation.Anumber of us have got together and have reunions but we are looking for more,so if there are any ex 229 out there please get in touch we would be pleased to hear from you. smile
Bernard Bush
Entry #89 posted on 28.07.2006, 15:29
Location: Cambridge UK
Unit: 229 Signal Squadron
regular I served in Berlin between Dec 1995 and Sept 1963 in 229 Signal Squadron. The est signal unit in the British Army. Some of us have started an old boys club myself and Frank Thornley, Terry Munden,Ray Haddonare just some. If interested please contact
Entry #88 posted on 27.07.2006, 22:43
Location: bolton
Unit: queens lancashire regiment
my husband served here in 92/94 at wavell bks,i was the"wife off"and worked for wesley house driving the butty van round the camps del english papers to the soldiers.had great fun at the px bowling and eating those massive pizzas!miss those kebabs the most.The brittania centre was built on the site of the prison for us to shop at,would really like to know what happened to the edinburgh house hotel in the city.if it changed its name or is still standing can anyone help?
Entry posted on 28.07.2006, 08:02:
After the allies left in 1994 the Edinburgh House at Theodor Heuss Platz was turned into a student hostel for students from foreign countries. This was initiated by Helmut Kohl und François Mitterand.
Mark Wilson
Entry #87 posted on 27.07.2006, 20:01
Location: Bentonville, AR
Unit: F co. 40th Armor
Served in Berlin with F co 40th Armor from 2/82 to 2/84 3rd Platoon. Loaded, driver on F32 then gunner on F33. Great memories and always looking to find others I served with there.
Robin Murden
Entry #86 posted on 27.07.2006, 03:25
Location: Canberra, Australia
Unit: 229 Signal Squadron

I was stationed at 229 Signal Squadron Between 1962 and 1964 we were in the old athletes quarters in the British HQ.

Does anyone remember operation ROCKING HORSE it was the emergency exercise where everyone had to be in there designated locations within fifteen minutes. I remember speeding off down Heer Strasse through heavy traffic in our Unimog radio truck.

The night life was teriffic it never closed. I loved the train operator duty between Berlin and Helmstead.
Tony Leon Guerrero
Entry #85 posted on 25.07.2006, 14:10
Location: Guam
Unit: A 4/6 Inf, CSC 4/6 & CSC 3/6 Inf. BBDE.
I had the opportunity to be a Platoon Sergeant of an 81mm Mechanized Mortar Platoon, 4.2 Inch Heavy Mortar Platoon and later 1SG of CSC 3/6 Inf. It was a pleasure to serve with Soldiers from one of the finest Infantry Brigades in the Army.
Dr. A.T. Leon Guerrero
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