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Phillip M. Johnson
Entry #54 posted on 16.02.2006, 00:01
Location: Dallas, Texas
Unit: HQ, Berlin Brigade, G3
I served in the BBde G-3 Section in 1967 - 1968. I was there when we changed from the old style unit crests (Blue Shield with standing Black Bear holding a flaming sword) to the new gold crests of crossed axes with a flaming torch behind a wall.
neil gore
Entry #53 posted on 11.02.2006, 16:04
Location: barnsley s yorks
Unit: prince of wales own regiment of yorkshire
i served in berlin between 83-85 the best posting a soldier could get (wavell bks) must go back and visits the old haunts cool (booits)
Rebecca Jacombs
Entry #52 posted on 08.02.2006, 10:58
Location: Berlin-Spandau
Unit: 247 Provo Comp RMP
my dad is an ex-RMP (56-59) I want to find old friends from back then. I have a few details and hope that someone will contact me. 247 PROVO COMP RMP, BIB Infantry Brigade HQ, from 1956 - 1959 Olympic Stadium, Hans-Braun-Str. Some of the names are Harrod, Maddox, Dick, LeMasney, Ryan,Newton, Binius.
I sincerely hope someone will contact me email [EMAIL][/EMAIL]
This is a great website and I hope many of you find good memories & reunions here. Thanks

Rebecca from Berlin smile
daniel gonzales
Entry #51 posted on 25.01.2006, 20:49
Location: los angeles
Unit: ADA Plt. H&S CSB
was there 87-89 best two years of my career. loved the city of berlin hope to go back in a couple years. i had lots of pics of the city/wall but have lost them from the many moves in the Army. if anyone has some from the late 80's/early 90's would be grateful to get some. thanks
Dick Bartlett
Entry #50 posted on 21.01.2006, 23:57
Location: Foster City, Californis
Unit: Co. C, 3rd Bn. 6th Infantry
Excellent website. It is so much fun finding new sites that go back to the Allied commands and units in Berlin. I spent 2 1/2 years in Berlin from April 1965 to September 1967. Spent 3 weeks in October 1965 training with the 3rd Bn. Royal Anglians out in Soltau. That was a lot of fun but it made me really appreciate US Army food.
Reinhard von Bronewski
Entry #49 posted on 20.01.2006, 14:01
Location: Berlin-GERMANY
Unit: German police officer, ret.
Hello David, your have an excellent memory website! Especially I enjoy to find also info about the British and French "Berlin units"! Keep up your great work!-REINHARD-, former member of the Combined Police Station (PMO), Andrews
Billy Bingham
Entry #48 posted on 18.01.2006, 13:42
Location: Redcar Cleveland U.K
Unit: 1st Bn Green Howards
RED I was in Berlin Between 1977 to 1978 the best & most interesting posting i ever went on i have a soft spot for Spandua Prison.
Mark Scarrott
Entry #47 posted on 17.01.2006, 17:18
Location: Plymouth, England
Unit: 1 Devon and Dorsets
I almost forgot to say. Top website!
brian woolner
Entry #46 posted on 17.01.2006, 13:59
Location: Braintree essex uk
Unit: 3rd battalion royal anglian regt
big grin
I was in Berlin in 64/66. It was a great city and the Berliners were always freindly [especially charlotenburg]
We did our duty in spandau prison and several other locations. in all we had a great time.
all the best
Mark Scarrott
Entry #45 posted on 16.01.2006, 20:02
Location: Plymouth
Unit: 1 Devon and Dorsets
Served with 1 D and D in Brooke Barracks from 85-87. I still think it was the best two years of my Army career. We live in a flat up in Badeker Weg about a mile from camp. Did the Hess duty and the British Military train Guard. West Berlin was wonderful city, my wife and I have some brilliant memories.
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