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Jim Bullard (JB)
Entry #24 posted on 26.09.2005, 10:28
Location: California
Unit: C Btry. 94th Arty
This is a nice sight. I was in Berlin from 1966-1969........Will always have the memories of the people, food, and the Gruenwald. It WAS an international city then, a special place. The Berlin Brigade never faded.....
Ronald Whittemoer
Entry #23 posted on 16.09.2005, 01:02
Location: California
Unit: 287TH mp cOMPANY
Just found this very interesting site. Thanks for setting it up! I just went back to Berlin this past April...visited Andrews and BB Headquarters. Lot os great memories.
Mark Hamilton
Entry #22 posted on 14.09.2005, 21:37
Location: Swaffham Norfolk UK
Unit: 14/20 Kings Hussars
smile Hi i was i Berlin from 1984 -1989 had the time of my life after 9 years in Hohne then moved to Muunster for 4 years before redundacey i ran the Berlin saddle club whilst there and looked after all the horses for the queens birthday parades ande the polo matches on the mifeld hello to all Mark and Nick Hamilton tel uk 01760 720325 happy happy
Entry #21 posted on 12.09.2005, 13:06
VERY GOOD SITE..........


bred T
Entry #20 posted on 27.08.2005, 12:32
Hi to all, so nice place - I really impressed!
Entry #19 posted on 23.08.2005, 23:28
Location: Scotland
Served in Berlin with 1BW 1987-89. Went back for a holiday at the same time as 9/11. We were sitting in the Irish pub in the Kurfustendamn when the planes flew in.

Everything has changed. Strange to walk through to the 'East' in civvies. Montgomery Barracks is occupied by the German Army but Brooke, Wavell and Smuts are now civilian work places.

Just because a dog now licks your hand doesn't mean it won't bite your ass when you turn your back!!
Entry #18 posted on 23.08.2005, 13:43
Was stationed in Berlin in 1945 and 1946 with the 279th Station Hospital.

Check out my web site at:

My Berlin photos have been on display at the Allied Museum from May 8th until Sept 5 2005

Mac in Pa........
Entry #17 posted on 21.08.2005, 23:35
super stronka ! :)
Rainbow Woman's Web
Entry #16 posted on 15.08.2005, 01:57
Location: United States

First, I want to thank you for visiting my site, Memoirs of Leonard Covington, Brig Gen US Army, War of 1812. It was your entry in the guest book there that interested me in visiting your site. I intend to return to check out your very interesting site in more depth. smile
Entry #15 posted on 14.08.2005, 13:20
Good work. Keep the web site updated on regular basis.
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