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Donald F Hess
Entry #14 posted on 12.08.2005, 04:27
Location: Peoria IL USA
I was part of the 503rd Engineer Light Equipment Company. We flew into Berlin from Hanau in early 1949. Our task was to build a new runway and expand Tegel airport for the airlift. We departed Berlin after completing the job in late July 1949. I visited Berlin in 1980.
I found your site while seeking information for a history of the 503rd I am writing. Any help with newspaper articals etc, about the airlift or constuction of Tegel in 1948-1949 that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Entry posted on 12.08.2005, 21:23:
I assume you now the 503rd Engineer Website .
Unfortunately I do not have any additional information about the unit. Feel free to contact me via email to discuss ways to gain more information.
Broc Brockway
Entry #13 posted on 10.08.2005, 00:38
Location: Council Bluffs, IA USA
Thanks for offering your site.

I served mid-60s as a 98G [Russian] with 78th USASA at Andrews Barracks. Looking for anyone who has a unit insignia to spare [Eagle on Keystone, scroll below].

Best Wishes All!

~ Broc
Tom Williams
Entry #12 posted on 04.08.2005, 09:12
Location: Mobile, Ala. now in Berlin
Dave, I just checked back in on your site and I see that you are getting it together. Keep up the good work. Easy to navigate and I see some good response.
Entry #11 posted on 31.07.2005, 12:13
Location: Northern Ireland
excellent site, keep up the good work.
Served in Berlin, 1984-1986 Brooke Barracks, brilliant posting.Geordies Bar, any one remember "rocking horse"
Entry #10 posted on 25.07.2005, 13:09
Location: Bolton,UK
Great wee site.Served with 1BW at Montgomery Bks back in the late 80s,and had a pad on Contessa Weg in Kladow.Top pub "KLADOWER HOF".Berlin was my last posting.I loved the place, I would have signed on again if the posting would have been longer! Cheers.
john p.
Entry #9 posted on 24.07.2005, 22:51
Location: canada
hi there,
good site,should be better in a few years,as i'm sure there is loads of info to add.
ex 14/20th hussars (the last british armd sqn in berlin),i served in berlin between 1985 & 1988,lived in married quarters on kisseln allee in spandau.great times !
Paul Baker
Entry #8 posted on 24.07.2005, 21:03
Location: Portsmouth, UK.
This should be very interesting, I served with the 14th/20th King's Hussars in Smuts Barracks next door to Spandau Prison where a certain Herr Hess stayed for a while. I have added a link to the site and will inform all those I know that served there of your presence. Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you again soon!
Entry #7 posted on 24.07.2005, 16:53
Super Seite, besonders vom Design her gefällt sie mir sehr.
Entry #6 posted on 23.07.2005, 20:45
Location: USA
Hi, I lived in Berlin (near the Olympic Stadium) just before the wall went up.
Served there again (once more in Brooke Barracks) in 1973 with 1st Bn The King's Own Scottish Borderers the battalion were presented with new colours in the Deutschland Halle in 1975.
1KOSB returned to Berlin (Brooke Barracks) for a third tour in 1987-89. Wonderful place wonderful people, great posting, up there with Hong Kong and Singapore as a peacetime location.
Happy days!
scott (again)
Entry #5 posted on 17.07.2005, 07:59
David, it appears that you did leave out 4/18 Inf. Can not forget them - they were formed up (I believe) in 1960? Will check to see if I have a 'picture' of their crest, I believe that they did have the Berlin patch also ??????????
Entry posted on 17.07.2005, 13:11:

Thx Scott - I will check my sources on that unit, too.
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