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Malcolm (Sandy) Shaw
Entry #634 posted on 17.05.2013, 23:04
Location: Somerset UK
Unit: 229 (Berlin) Signal Squadron
Served in Berlin May 1966 to May 1969. Great tour, worked in Berlin Brigade HQ and lived in Olympic athlete accommodation. Enjoyed the enormous heated, marble laden indoor swimming pool. Joined Zehelendorfer Eichornchen (Squirrals) Cycling Club, and raced (not very successfully) in Berlin cycle races - also went down to the 'Zone' to compete in various BAOR cycling events. Still in contact with Zdf members. cool
Mat Drake
Entry #633 posted on 28.04.2013, 20:18
Location: Tallahassee Fl
Unit: CSC 4/6 Inf
I was in CSC 4/6 inf , Dec 72 until Jun 78. I loved Berlin and all the friends I made there. Our Bn Cdr was LTC Kattar a tough SOB and almost everyone loved him (still alive in Mass). Cpt Leo F Tate was our Co Cdr another great man and leader.
frank gallagher
Entry #632 posted on 27.04.2013, 04:03
Location: devon
Unit: cheshire reg
spent 2 and half years in Wavel barracks Berlin 1970 to 1972
had a great time there smile smile
.John William Shipman
Entry #631 posted on 07.04.2013, 18:39
Location: Preston. Lancashire
Unit: 1Queens
Born BMH West Berlin 1950. Dad was with 247(Berlin) Provost Company. Back in 1970-72 stationed at Montgomery Bks with 1st Bn The Queens Regiment.
Bob Young
Entry #630 posted on 28.03.2013, 23:28
Location: Boston
I would like to be in touch with any USMLM member who I served with during 1961-63. We are few and getting older. Anyone out there? The website is online but seems to be defunct.
Bob Young
Entry #629 posted on 24.03.2013, 19:21
Location: Boston, MA
I was in the USMLM early 61 to 63. We were quite busy and I had many "interesting" times in Potsdam and Berlin during the week when the wall first was built. I'd like to be in touch with former members from that time and found the website, but it seems to be inactive. If any former members from that time are on this site or can put me in touch with themn please have them send a message through this forum.
Eugene R. Valle
Entry #628 posted on 03.02.2013, 22:39
Location: Houston Texas
Unit: Headquarters, Berlin Brigade, ASB Comcen
Have been enjoying comments regarding duty in Berlin where I was stationed 1964/1966 assigned to comcen-ASB. Everyone seems to have nothing but positive and good memories and same goes for me. As a US Army draftee I was very fortunate being assigned to Berliin and having duty at ASB comcen near the Olympic stadium. Great duty working alongside British and French signal military personnel and being stationed in Berlin.
jeff tucker
Entry #627 posted on 27.01.2013, 03:47
Location: kentucky
Unit: HHC 2/6 inf support plt.
was staioned in berlin 1980-82 married german girl from to here from people hhc 2/ man lamele and memories of my life 18 from the hills of kentucky met the woman I was meant to be with.Sabine! smile
Brian Miller (08)
Entry #626 posted on 20.01.2013, 07:32
Location: Glasgow
Unit: 1 RHF
Served @ Monty Barracks with 1 RHF (1985-1987)
Fantastic posting loved tghe place...2 much me thinks.
Good to see that I am not alone in my affinity with Berlin & Berliners.
Jesse A Castro
Entry #625 posted on 16.01.2013, 09:10
Unit: 759th MP Battalion
Jess served from 1950-1952 in Berlin. He was assigned to the accident division.
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