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Entry #4 posted on 17.07.2005, 07:52
Location: Austin (from the GREAT STATE OF TAXES!
'Here's looking at you kid.' Hope that you have better luck with the new site. Don't have too much to offer you, BUT if I can, will help.
Tim Day
Entry #3 posted on 14.07.2005, 18:31
Location: Norman, Oklahoma
I served in the 592nd Sig Co, but was with special services for the summer of '69. Salute a dud week, salute anything but officiers, and watch out for those Special Forces guys...
Tom Williams
Entry #2 posted on 07.07.2005, 08:40
Location: Mobile, Alabama (Now Berlin)
As Boris Becker said in his commercial for AOL "Ich bin drin!"

Don't know why the copy and paste didn't work, but here I am now!

Have a great day!

Tom Williams smile
Entry #1 posted on 21.06.2005, 21:07
Location: Zehlendorf
Just to get started ...
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