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Hollis Whitley
Entry #624 posted on 18.12.2012, 12:27
Location: Chesapeake Va
Unit: 2nd Bn 6th Inf
Just wanted to let someone know that on Facebook there is a group called BERLIN UNITED. We are trying to get members of the whole Allied Forces who served there to join. We are interested in welcoming all persons who served during that time to share stories look for friends join in on get togethers in all enjoy what Berlin ment to us. Just go on facebook to BERLIN UNITED with a dove icon attached and join. Its open to all who served there or enen lived there. Thank you
Taffy Hall (Ken Hall)
Entry #623 posted on 14.12.2012, 13:42
Location: South wales
Unit: 229 Sig Sqd
I was in the stadium from 1977 to 1979 a driver with 229 signal squadron good times go back a lot would love to do a reunion there with anybody I served with so get in touch if you want.
david swierczewski
Entry #622 posted on 13.12.2012, 04:10
Location: USA/Shawnee Kansas
Unit: Allied Staff Berlin
To all military personnel who server in Berlin may i wish you a joyous upcoming holiday and the best to all of you during the new year.
john hall
Entry #621 posted on 22.11.2012, 17:54
Location: haltwhistle
Unit: 229 signalsquadron
served in berlin69/72 best posting , good nightlife, a lot of us went straight from training ie brian green, chris conway geff quick macdonald, girvin,doyle,
terry winn
Entry #620 posted on 17.11.2012, 01:52
Location: england
Unit: RMP
big grin
Just been back again on a 247 pro coy reunion, was fantastic, the city has changed beyond all measure but they have done a good job of preserving our history. Diddnt realise how much i missed the army untill i walked away from my old freinds towards my hotel on alex platz.
Joe Stirling
Entry #619 posted on 23.10.2012, 19:45
Location: Scotland
Unit: RHF
Hi all, I served at Monty Bks in Kladow with 1 RHF 85-87. I loved Berlin, great posting and city. I went back a couple of years ago, big changes but still a beautiful city! I remember Summit House, Early Birds, KuDamm, great memories. big grin Joe.
Entry #618 posted on 23.10.2012, 19:29
Location: Berlin-Spandau
hello, i need your help, nows anyone ALLAN DICKSON ( K.O.S.B -Brooke BKS Berlin-Spandau 1987 or 198cool.his friend was stewart simpson. it was a great time and it is so long ago .i would be happy about news. many greatings, from alexandra berlin-spandau smile
Sidney O'Brien
Entry #617 posted on 14.10.2012, 14:33
Location: Cork, Ireland
Unit: Support Company, Irish Gaurds Reg, Anti Tank Detachment
I was in Berlin in July-August 1962 as part of Support Group of The Irish Gaurds Reg, Anti Tank Detachment with our main base being Dusseldorf, BFPO 44. I was stationed in Germany total of two years. If anyone can help, I'm looking for a copy of the Berlin Bulletin from July or August 1962 with my picture on the cover. I was on duty at the Soviet War Memorial at Tiergarten, you can see the T34 behind me and the imposing figure of the Russian soldier on the plinth.
John Haynes
Entry #616 posted on 10.10.2012, 19:15
Location: Huntingdon/Berlin
Unit: 3 R Anglian
regularHi, Graham Smith,You probaly do'nt know me i was in the Band,1960/0971.You are right about Berlin,otherwise i wout have not come back and have been here for over 45 years.Good to have heard from you.All the Best.. cool
vic sesta
Entry #615 posted on 02.09.2012, 15:52
Location: Vass, North Carolina
Unit: HHC 2nd Bn 6th Inf
served in Berlin from 1976 thru 1979.....spent many hours in guard tower at prison.....also escorted medics when Hess was sick......stood about 6Ft from him....awsome
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