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Pat Hogan
Entry #614 posted on 30.08.2012, 22:48
Unit: Northants Regiment
Hi my dad Hubert Robinson was stationed in Berlin after the war and met my mum there, They came back to England where I was born and I wondered if any of his old comrades are still about. Been back to Berlin many times and love it. Mums maiden name was Inga Noack.
jon biggam
Entry #613 posted on 15.08.2012, 17:26
Location: Berlin
Unit: 1 D&D, 1RWF
enjoyed berlin so much i stayed! was stationed in Brook 85-87 with the D&Ds and Monty 90-91 with the RWF.
Still sailing at the yacht club, we still have contact to the american and french sailing clubs.
Does anybody have any photos they could forward from the yacht club?
Chuck Gibson
Entry #612 posted on 09.08.2012, 05:03
Location: Fairfax, Virginia
Unit: AFOSI Detachment 7028
I was stationed at Tempelhof from 1988-1990. I was in the US Air Force for 21 years and this was by far my best assignment. Lots of fond memories...
bernie copley
Entry #611 posted on 28.07.2012, 14:25
Location: spain
Unit: 229 sig sqn
served in 229 sig sqn berlin 1965-1969
Eric Smith
Entry #610 posted on 19.07.2012, 00:09
Location: Isle -of-man
Unit: Border Regiment
Hi All, I was in Wavell Barracks 1958/59. did Spandau Guard on No 3 post , also Train Guard. If all you British Infantry Brigade could contact Reinhard he's got a british web site which is great, give him your stories and photo's if you have any and he will put them up for you, You will get him on the Allied forces Berlin Site, Many thanks Eric.
Peter Arkwright
Entry #609 posted on 18.07.2012, 23:34
Location: UK
Unit: 229 Signal Regt
Served in 229 Signal Regt, Berlin 90-93

kev james
Entry #608 posted on 18.07.2012, 16:00
Location: llanelli
Unit: 1 RWF
Great time, 1989-1991during a very turbulent time. Lived on Conttesa Weg in Kladow, the wife and i go back quite often, it's like going home although there's been a lot of changes. I am looking for a detailed allied forces map, if anyone knows where to get one please get in touch. happy
Brian Howe
Entry #607 posted on 14.07.2012, 20:25
Location: Eastbourne, East Sussex
Unit: 229 (Berlin) Signal Squadron
Peter Fearns - Peter, I served in Radio Tp Jun'72 May '75, who could forget The Singing Scot and your great renditions of Hamish Imlach songs? sung in either the Sqn Bar or the pub off Dickensweg ? You took over from Les Lawrence ?MacAuliffe? I remember Francis and Frau Heck. You weren't a bad footballer either, for minor unit 229 had great footballers; Geoff Nelson and Bob Baggley to mention a couple. Swimming was the main focus,led by Sandy Sandford. Great posting and memories of a the city.
Chuck O'Donald
Entry #606 posted on 13.07.2012, 03:54
Location: Jacksonville, Fl.
Unit: ASB
My Gosh! Is the same Anne Onslow the friend of Toby and Tich in Staff McCabe's office? I'm the silly Yank that worked in Repro and with Bob Stach. Greetings!I was there 1977-78.
Chuck O'Donald
Entry #605 posted on 13.07.2012, 03:19
Location: Jacksonville, FL.
Unit: ASB
I was at ASB Bob Dempster, I remember Anne Onslowe, didn't she work in Staff McCabe's office with Toby? I worked with Bob Stach, our boss was 1LT Frank Chale and SGM Hilmar Kullek.
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