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Steve Jenkins
Entry #74 posted on 05.06.2006, 02:23
Location: North Carolina
Unit: C-94 FA Redleg
big grin
I was a Platoon Sergeant with C 94, 1983-85 and loved every minute of the city. I have some of the best memories in my 25 year career. Any reunions coming up, let me know.
Frank O. Chavez
Entry #73 posted on 21.05.2006, 06:52
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Unit: Berlin Brigade Opns
I was also stationed at Berlin and was there also the day Rudolf Hess died. I left two weeks before the wall came down was I upset. Would anyone of you guys have a picture of the changing of the Guard?
Ian Wallace
Entry #72 posted on 20.05.2006, 19:31
Location: London
Unit: 62 Tpt & Mov Sqn RCT formally 62 (Berlin) Sqn RCT BFPO 45
I served in 62 Tpt & Mov Sqn from 1970 to 1973 when the name changed from 62 (Berlin) Sqn RCT and was BFPO45. A fantastic place and I enjoyed every minute of my posting there. I have some photos if anyone is interested. I would also be interested to hear from anyone else who served in 62 Sqn.
Edward H Pettit
Entry #71 posted on 29.04.2006, 14:53
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Unit: 78th Special Opns Unit (ASA)
I was stationed with the Army Security Agency in Berlin from Feb 1963 through Jul 1965. It was a wonderful experience for an 18 year old Michigan farm boy. What great memories. I plan on returning for a visit in 2008 after I retire.
Entry #70 posted on 28.04.2006, 20:42
Location: Berlin / Germany
Unit: Directorate of Engineering & Housing
I look often on your nice website. I worked at DEH from 1968 to 1993. >> <<
Tom Williams
Entry #69 posted on 21.04.2006, 22:09
Location: Mobile, Ala., Living in Berlin, Ger.
Unit: Was Co.
Just checking back in to see if old Friends found this site.
Looks like many of you haven't forgotten this city. I liked it so much, I retired here.
Just another 11B
Entry #68 posted on 15.04.2006, 18:43
Unit: 4/502
Checking in - 88-90
Mark Ives
Entry #67 posted on 14.04.2006, 21:13
Location: Flagstaff, AZ
Unit: US Army Field Station Berlin
I was assigned to B Company, Opns Bn, US Army Field Station Berlin from March '89 until September '91. It was any exciting time leading up to the reunification of Germany. Prost!
Bev (taffy) Johnson
Entry #66 posted on 05.04.2006, 07:37
Location: Vancouver B.C. Canada
Unit: independant squadren R.T.R and 14 Berlin R.E.M.E. workshops.
Just found your site. Really interesting. Served from Aug 62
to Sep 64. Best two years of my life. Great friends, both in
the British, and American armies. Berliners treated us great.
Do any of you remember the allied parade down Kaiserdamm
around 1963. We had junky old tanks (Centurians), the
Americans had just taken delivery of the new M 60,s. mind
you our tanks had way more paint on them.
John G. Cobb
Entry #65 posted on 29.03.2006, 21:28
Location: Portland, Maine
Unit: G-2 BBDE
smile Stationed in Berlin during early 80's. Thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful city. Enjoyed working the "casino" during German-American Volksfest!! Hope all my old friends are well. Great web site...
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