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bob dempster
Entry #564 posted on 23.07.2011, 02:22
Location: scotland
Unit: former asb
hello im bob formerly amember of asb . I would like to say hi to anne onslowe, bob stach and others when i remember the names, have a nice summer
David Daniels
Entry #563 posted on 25.06.2011, 18:58
Location: MS
Unit: was at FSB
Searching for Dana & Sue Carpenter who lived in the BB housing area 83-86. Dana was an electrician for USAF and worked out of Templehof.
Jacky Pearson
Entry #562 posted on 22.06.2011, 14:54
I am looking for someone called Geoffrey Johnson who was stationed at the SMUT barracks in Berlin 1960's.
Any help would be appreciated.
Alan Perry
Entry #561 posted on 14.06.2011, 01:33
Location: Pegswood.Morpeth. northumberland
Unit: 229 Signal squadron
I was in 229 from march 69 until about oct 70. it was agreat posting to finish my time. It was the 18 month holiday Ive ever had. It was a place i could have lived. I wonder if the Tee Haus is still there.
Dave Johnston
Entry #560 posted on 13.06.2011, 11:58
Location: Northumberland
Unit: 1st Bn KOSB
Served in Berlin 1973-75 & 1987-89 my favourite posting the wife and I have many happy memories we have been back on holiday several times how the place has changed.
Brian Green
Entry #559 posted on 29.05.2011, 23:54
Location: Jarrow, Tyne & Wear
Unit: 229 Signal Squadron Berlin
I was stationed at 229 from 1969 to 1972 and had some brilliant and entertaining times. I met and worked (now and again) with some great people. My wife and I have visited the site a number of times over the last couple of years and had tea in the old NAAFI now used by the Hertha BSA football team. The buildings are still there but most of them are not being used. What used to be East Berlin is growing from a Weed into a wonderful and well worth a visit.
Charles Matthew
Entry #558 posted on 14.05.2011, 18:32
Location: Hereford, England
Unit: 1st Black Watch
Amazing what you find on the net by accident. I was at Wavell Barracks 1956-57, between the Air Lift and the building of The Wall. Have been toying with the idea of re-visiting Berlin for a while, so now seems a good time to get something organised. One thing I do know; it will look a bit different!
christian Chenard
Entry #557 posted on 06.05.2011, 09:08
Location: New Hampshire, USA
Unit: Teufelsberg and USMLM
Was a Teufelsberg FSB linguist and a USMLM Russian/French liaison NCO. 1978-1981. Would love to hear from Jeff Giles, Don O. Stovall, Ralf Germaine, Ron Duttlinger, Randy Everett, or any of the FSB or missionaires about, let alone Brixmis or FMLM members out there !
john burgon burgy
Entry #556 posted on 05.05.2011, 23:36
Location: cumbria
Unit: 62 tpt and mov sqn rct
hey guys i live for berlin great posting fantastic place graet memorys,feel free to get in touch
Pat Murray
Entry #555 posted on 29.04.2011, 04:39
Location: Chico CA
Unit: 2nd Btn 6th Inf.
Great site and info. I had a great time in Berlin from 1977 to 1980. I loved the German people and their culture.
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